The H Hotel attack suspects were sentenced to 2 years in the attack on the woman said the accident naughty怎么读

The H Hotel attack suspects were sentenced to 2 years in the attack on the woman said accident court suspect Lee introduced prostitution charges according to the Xinhua News Agency figure and cheek hotel attack the man yesterday to introduce prostitution was sentenced to two years attack girls told Chengdu daily interview "is hardly satisfied or not satisfied with the result, but my hope is that all the girls in this encounter dangerous incidents, can get a reasonable solution, and not just because of luck." – hit the girls curved, in fact, I did not think the beginning of the case will go to the stage of the trial of the law, to tell the truth today to see the news, the mood is a bit complicated." Yesterday, the H Hotel drag female tenants the suspects Lee was in Beijing City, Chaoyang District court of first instance to introduce prostitution and sentenced to two years imprisonment, and fined 5000 yuan. The H Hotel attack caused a storm, in the seven months after the end of the way. The case of the parties involved in the attack curved in the news when there are some accidents. She told the Chengdu Business Daily reporter, said her life has returned to calm, life has returned to normal. She will not be alone on this matter to Lee or hotel lawsuit. Everything, all in the past. Sigh myself lucky "in the beginning did not think it would really be held criminally responsible" the result, what I expected, but I honestly didn’t think he would be prosecuted for this offence." Curved told Chengdu Business Daily reporter, she went to the public security organs to do a record, and did not contact the procuratorate and the court. Lee was sentenced to see the news came out, her mood is very complex. Because she was dragged at the time, but there is no physical injury, but also can not be found. "I also knew that it might be difficult to pursue criminal responsibility." But curved did not think, Li Mouzhen can be prosecuted, of course, she did not expect to introduce prostitution charges. "Through legal channels, he was prosecuted and sentenced, the result, if not the impact of public opinion, it may be difficult to get to this step." Curved said, when she insisted that the sound is not to say that must be dealt with to what extent, but that this should have a saying. However, when dealing with the hotel at the time, but did not get a good attitude. "I just wanted to say that." Bent, she was very grateful to the national media at the time she was concerned about the matter, she was really lucky. But it is precisely because of luck, to see the outcome of the matter, she did not know the happy or unhappy, I am not a person to encounter such a thing, but perhaps the results of this I was the first." Life back on track "out of the psychological shadow, a person is not afraid of travel" because 7 months ago and the H Hotel attack, a focus as a national concern. At that time, she said, she was under tremendous pressure. And after experiencing this bizarre event, she quickly adjusted the mentality. A few months later, her life was on the right track, and it felt like a light. She would often travel alone, a person to live in the hotel 8相关的主题文章: