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The first stage of the Chongqing Maitreya Hall of archaeological excavations over Beijing yesterday, the first phase of the Maitreya Hall of archaeological excavations in Dadukou District Tiaodeng town over 500 years ago, this temple is true. Maitreya hall area of about 3000 square meters, the wall is about 7 meters high, is currently the main city of the first exploration of self built defensive exclusive temples. In May this year, Dadukou District Tiaodeng town Mr. Gao in the construction of farmhouse, found a large number of the Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain and stone Buddha head. Dadukou District Office staff rushed to the scene confirmed that this is the second national survey of cultural relics have been recorded in the cultural relics — Maitreya hall. Chongqing City Cultural Heritage Institute director Sun Zhigang, Maitreya hall site was built in the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty three years of rehabilitation, the destruction of the cultural revolution. Since the end of October, the City Cultural Heritage Institute and Dadukou District, conducted a rescue excavation. Chongqing evening news reporter on the scene saw the temple site had been cleared, the well preserved temple area. According to preliminary estimates of the archaeological team, Maitreya Tang heyday about one hundred monks living. Surrounded by stone masonry walls around the temple, 2.2 meters wide, residual height of 2 meters. According to the site survey, as well as visiting records, Maitreya hall was about 7 meters. Why build such a high wall? Sun Zhigang said: "the wall is so high, indicating that the temple is very defensive." During the prosperous period of Qing Dynasty bailianjiao in Sichuan and Chongqing, many landlords will be converted into a copycat armed temple, fortification, to cope with the white lotus. Dadukou District Director Office Li Guohong introduction, the unique Maitreya hall to explore, is that it is rare in Chongqing’s exclusive temple, only worship Buddha Maitreya, recorded only two or three in Chongqing. Chongqing evening news reporter Wu Juan photo coverage相关的主题文章: