Wang Shi went up to the hill to meet Zhu Shijian for the fifth time 申威1600

Wang Shi again on the Ailao Mountain Zhu Shijian will meet fifth times an hour in November 5, 2016, there is no bustle, Wang Shi this time quietly on the Ailao Mountain, like a small house. From 2003 to the Ailao Mountain first visit to Zhu Shijian, Wang Shi is the fifth time to the Ailao Mountains on the Chu orange base to visit and visit Zhu Shijian, fruit from the only knee high to now lush fruit, fruit, time does not have the past 13 years, Wang Shi became Zhu Shijian orange planting career special witness. In 2003 13 years ago, it was the first time Wang Shi reached the summit of Mount Everest of the year, he is as chairman of Vanke Group, the rapid development stage, is life when Wang Shi stride forward singing militant songs. That year he was 52 years old, is out of the style of the city of Shenzhen the most charisma of entrepreneurs; and for Zhu Shijian, is also a starting point of life stage, and not long after he was released from prison, "just to hide" Ailao Mountain, he in the first year to complete the orchard the land down, just good planning, just kind of go on this article, in a few years ago called the "tobacco king" the fame of the head of state-owned enterprises has become a kind of fruit trees in agriculture. That year he was 76 years old, over seventy years old. Wang Shi’s "falling to the bottom of the rebound" pushed Zhu Shijian back into the public eye, and from that day on, Mr Wang Shi has become one of the best known to Mr Zhu Shijian. He and he had no intersection, age difference of more than and 20 years old, but did not affect the people to become friends with the two. – a friend, a word for the way from the reign of terror commercial war through the entrepreneur, is luxury. Wang and I have a lot of views on the enterprise are very much the same, I understand the Vanke, I appreciate the style of corporate governance Wang Shi, he is very strong." Zhu Shijian said in public. Privately, he said: "I and Wang Shi friendship between gentlemen I trust him." Zhu Shijian kind of oranges just started selling a few years, more or less all of the procurement of some of the Wang Shi, distributed to the employees of Vanke, no matter how the taste, eat is an inspirational spirit of the Zhu Lao." At the end of 2015, Wang Shi began to face the "Bao Wan contest", when the limelight, Zhu Shijian’s granddaughter was Shuyi with a recording for Wang Shi: "Wang Shi brother: the thing that I worry, but I believe that you can put it to good." The family said, Zhu Shijian because of the reasons for Wang Shi, very concerned about the news vanke. Time is always gone quietly. Time passes very quickly. ten years, Zhu Shijian grow in orange park every day, first in Yunnan and then sold fame, 2012 officially "Beijing", a large area to national sales, originally called "cloud crown" of the orange brand by consumers spontaneously as "Chu orange", this is Zhu Shijian’s approval, but also to his product approval. He started at the age of 76, once again become the industry master. Vanke is in the light of development, by the end of 2015, it has developed into an international enterprise scale close to three hundred billion, is the first in the world worthy of the name of real estate enterprises, Vanke house, Vanke property is the industry of glittering brand. Wang Shi and Yu Liang’s Chinese become Vanke, most modern Lei相关的主题文章: