The vehicle bridge in Xiamen the most beautiful figure and willing to discourage on human shields 捷安特xtc750

Xiamen the most beautiful figure "and become human shields on the bridge to discourage vehicle" Meranti "before landfall, Xinglin bridge squadron of the three players in the storm set up a" bridge vehicle "human shields" discourage on. Three members of the front photo: left as Chen Si, Huang Wenhua, Zhang Zhongwei. The morning of September 15th, after the fourteenth typhoon this year moranti ", a 3 traffic police back to the camera stand hand in hand in the rain moving pictures users, CCTV reported the typhoon appeared several times in news, the people of Xiamen and some owners are forward looking for who is this photo. After careful search, they finally uncover the mystery, the traffic police detachment Brigade squadron member Chen Si bridge Xinglin bridge, Huang Wenhua, Zhang Zhongwei. When the typhoon landed, the three men suddenly lost contact for about 1.5 hours, where did they go? What has been through? Today, we find the parties to restore the critical moment at that time. The Cai Dongqing Zhang Lingling "human shields" to prevent the vehicle bridge on September 15th at 1:30 in the morning, the typhoon "Meranti" will land, Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Battalion Squadron received the bridge Xinglin bridge bridge closure order. Ye Dongdong will complete a squadron of 15 police divided into 5 groups, two pronged were stationed out of the island, to prevent the vehicle on the bridge. Before departure, the team Chen Si called two players together for a group photo, although we do not say, but they are aware of what this means. Fight against typhoon is a battle, they were well prepared to proceed. In the direction of the island, 4 teams lined up to form a wall, standing in the road toll in front of the vehicle forward artificial barrier. The players are wearing reflective raincoat, in the rain on duty. As the vehicle approaches the bridge, the players stand in front of the traffic, putting themselves in danger. The players to explain the reasons, not to mind taking the trouble to the owner to guide the vehicle away from the road. With the increase of traffic flow, in order to prevent the vehicle back accident, "a" push to vehicle direction. The wind roared, rain and sand continue to beat on players face. At this time, came to support the instructor Chen Jinqi suddenly saw in front of a billboard fly, "be careful" two words before he had time to call out, billboard has instant hit in the police car, car windshield broken on the spot. The wind finally stuck in the channel on September 15th at 2:40 in the morning, the typhoon destroyed lighting equipment, charging station into a dark, instructor Chen Jinqi told the players to retreat, but found that there are three groups of 9 players missing. He was surprised, with the rest of the team immediately to find the car. He rushed to the detection point, and did not find the players figure. Other players heard the news, all out of the phone to call the 9 players of the phone, but all lost contact. Commander Ye Dongdong nervous voice choked, he said to find them in any case. 3 in the morning 05 points, the typhoon "Meranti" landing in Xiangan, howling wind and torrential rain. Players mood is very heavy, 9 players still lost contact, unknown. Instructor Chen Jinqi again drove away and thought of road toll booth to see, but the car is only half moving upwind, began to shake violently, almost overturned, had to return to the squadron. At the same time, the team lost three;相关的主题文章: