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[map] the price is expected to lower than 300 thousand mass Hui ang 330TSI spy – Sohu Sohu car / auto   Fox spy] Volkswagen models Hui ang 1.8T reporting information exposure, the new car will be equipped with the same and cash A6L TFSI models 1.8T engine, maximum power 140kW. Compared to 3.0T and 2.0T models, the Hui ang 1.8T models shoulder the task of pulling low threshold, the new car is expected to lower than the price of 300 thousand yuan. According to the previous message, the car is expected to be listed at the end of this year, the listing time will be later than 2.0T and 3.0T models. Volkswagen held at the 2016 Beijing auto show officially released, is the future flagship brand Volkswagen models, SAIC Volkswagen responsible for the production and sales. The car uses the same MLB platform to build Audi A6, length and width of 50741893 1489mm, wheelbase reached 3009mm. From the spy photos, while the entry of vehicles, but Hui ang 1.8T models in appearance in design with 2.0T and 3.0T models are highly consistent. Volkswagen 380TSI version of the fine details, as an entry-level version of the model, part of the configuration will be trade-offs. The first 1.8T models will not be equipped with LED adaptive headlights, instead of halogen bulb style, the front bumper chrome trim, wheel style, exhaust pipe modeling (double port port) is also different. In addition, the entry version will cancel the ACC adaptive cruise module. Power, the new car is equipped with a 1.8T engine, the maximum power of 140kW, and Audi A6 TFSI models are completely consistent, in addition, Volkswagen will provide 2.0T and 3.0T models for consumers to choose. For those who are not satisfied with the Passat and MAGOTAN, and not enough on the A6L (Guide 415 thousand and 300) entry price, may be a Hui ang 330TSI. (Editor: Zhang Shaotong)相关的主题文章: