Debate good voice The world listens to me to say to fire-特命战队go busters

Debate "good voice"? "Listen to me" to "fire the world listen to me" four instructors Lin Yufeng, Zhang Zequn, Li Bo, Sisy Chen "listen to me" mentor, Taiwan Oprah Sisy Chen Ran the Sina entertainment news from the Chinese Debate Tournament highest "international Varsity Debate" over the years, CCTV will be pushed by the participation of both sides of Hong Kong and Macao large college debate show "the world listen to me". In October 10th, Sisy Chen, Li Bo, Lin Yufeng, Zhang Zequn four mentor budding host Yu Entai in the program recording gap with media group visit, said the program is the biggest highlight of first introduced the tutorial system and in the field, for example, "The Voice of China" supervisor mode. Zhang Zequn, who has served as the president of the college debate, predicted that the world would be the next variety show. Founded in 1993, "CCTV international college debate competition" is a generation of classic TV programs, but also the emergence of Jiang Changjian, Hu Jianbiao, and so on, a large number of outstanding debater, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, such as the great number of outstanding experts in the world, such as the Chinese people’s Republic of China, the world’s first generation of TV programs, and so on, and the emergence of a large number of outstanding experts, such as, such as, such as. "Listen to me" is based on the original CCTV brand program "cross-strait knowledge contest" on the new upgrade, in order to promote in-depth exchange of cross-strait youth and Hong Kong and Macao to conduct a debate, so that a new generation of young people love debate. October 10th, the world listen to me – the two sides and the Hong Kong and Macao university debate in Beijing to complete the final record. The 16 debate team to participate in the program from Taiwan and Hong Kong and Macao students, in addition to student debater, actor Yu Entai as the tournament chairman and director, Li Bo, Sisy Chen, and Lin Yufeng and Zhang Zequn four mentors to join. Four instructors very personal style, from the Nanjing Normal University Professor Li Bo became famous in the CCTV "Lecture Room", a refined wit the wind; Sisy Chen and Zhao Shaokang, Li Ao and the "Taiwan three Mingzui, sharp avant-garde; Macao University straight talk from an honest man, scholar, writer Lin Yufeng is a well-known figure, Cantonese debate circle the quick witted, often offer new ideas; and the famous CCTV host Zhang Zequn on several occasions to host, director, chairman of the identity debate debate in the highest level of" international Varsity Debate ", is an experienced old driver". Four teachers to participate in the program, with the "The Voice of China" is very similar: after the preliminary round, teacher need to get people, the two teams favoured recruited; the semi-final stage, the two teams will mentor within the camp confrontation; semi finals, instructors will join hands with the debaters for the other finalists, before the final title, tutor team also face the mysterious road team challenge. In addition, the game also into the audience vote, floating media jury, inquiry group and other new elements, a series of design to break the traditional debate format also increased the program viewing, people look forward to. It is reported that the world listen to me, will be in the near future in CCTV Chinese international channel (CCTV4) to meet with you. (Ran) (commissioning editor: Bai Ling)相关的主题文章: