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The National Day holiday friends "seven sun" prediction and killing index — an analysis of the Shaanxi channel, original title: National Day holiday friends "seven sun" prediction and destruction index analysis of traffic jams, sun sun [people] ha ha ha ha ha ha, you think we stay at home do not go out of the people have no means to fight back. You? This is not necessarily the fond dream!! friends travel plans during the national day of the most popular circle of friends, "during a photography exhibition opening, can not go out to see the traffic information across the country, more comprehensive than the network information more timely! Even if you finally crossed the sea to reach the destination, it will only want to cry: ticket queues, eat to queue, take pictures to line up…. even the toilet queue!? killing index: * * assumes the crowd: in my home? The people used to counter the above two best friends? Slide Show time: at any time to pay attention to all kinds of micro-blog WeChat, empty collection of memory used for collecting pictures, once found high-speed parking lot attractions, Hydra array, do not hesitate to throw out the 9 picture pops pops. Analysis: go out? Lethality people who understand the traffic jam pain! A cavity to "see the world" enthusiasm to huge crowds of people who suffer, who knows! While blocking the road friends do not worry, must go out to prepare navigator, snacks, carsickness, charging treasure, charging treasure, charging treasure (important things! Say three times), or you can bring up a table of mahjong, traffic jams ease the anxiety and emotion. (    commissioning editor: Deng; Nan, Ren Lihong) 国庆假期朋友圈“七大晒”预测及杀伤指数分析–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:国庆假期朋友圈“七大晒”预测及杀伤指数分析   【晒堵车、晒人挤人】   哈哈哈哈哈哈,你以为我们待在家里不出门的人就没有反击手段了?你这是痴心妄想!!   这一定是没有出游计划的朋友国庆期间最喜闻乐见的朋友圈,“摄影展”开放期间,完全可以不出门就看到全国各地路况信息,比网络信息更全面更及时!即使你终于越过人海到达目的地,也只会更想哭:买票要排队、吃饭要排队、拍照要排队….连上厕所都要排队!   ?杀伤指数:★★★★★★   ?适用人群:憋在家里的人用来反击上面两种朋友   ?最佳晒图时间:随时关注各种微博微信,清空收集内存用来收集图片,一旦发现高速停车场,景点长蛇阵,毫不犹豫的啪啪啪啪甩出9张图。   ?杀伤力分析:出门的人最懂堵车的痛!一腔“看世界”的热情败给人山人海,谁苦谁知道!而堵在路上的朋友也不要着急,出门一定要备好导航仪、零食、晕车药、充电宝、充电宝、充电宝!(重要的事情说三遍),或者可以带上麻将,堵车时凑一桌缓解焦躁情绪。 (责编:邓  楠、任丽虹)相关的主题文章: