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Finance With the advent of technology, several aspects of our world have be.e digitalized, so it .es as no surprise that online share trading has be.e one of them. In time, it has now diversified, and there are now several types of online share trading, which may leave an investor confused, especially one new to the market. Online share trading has as much of a risk factor as regular trading, and must thus be given as much thought in the selection of the kind right for a particular investor. One of the most .monly seen trading styles is that of day traders. They are short-term traders who buy and sell stocks on the same day itself. It is instinctive and mainly works best with large amounts of money, but manipulating discrepancies caused by fluctuations in stock prices on the same day. This kind of online share trading heavily relies on instinct, and more often than not stop-loss. Even within this division of online share trading, there are two more: scalp trading and momentum trading. Scalp trading refers to buying and selling at very low prices, executing multiple trades per day. Momentum trading has much fewer trades per day, ranging from one to three. It follows the practice of identifying a market trend and buying at the bottom, then selling at the top. Both these kinds of online share trading do not carry stocks to the next day. The next kind of online share trading is swing trading, which only differs from day trading in that it may carry shares over to the next day. However, even these do not last very long, a week at maximum. The last kind of online share trading is long-term share trading, where an investor buys them and holds them to let them appreciate over a course of time. They are bought for their dividend, and the investor tends to be building up his portfolio. This kind of online share trading often gives good returns over time. It is imperative to select a kind of online share trading that is right for you, depending on your style of investing, whether long-term or short-term. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: