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UnCategorized The destiny of the USA appears to be headed in a new direction according to the chart of the USA. In astrology we have the natal chart and a progressed chart, the progressed chart represents our growth and how the experiences that we have had has altered our viewpoint of the world. The progressed chart of the USA has .e to a massive and critical turning point. September 11 2001 the progressed Sun of the USA chart came together with the natal Moon of the chart. This never happened before in the history of the USA and will not happen again for another 360 years. That day marked the beginning of a new era for the USA. In essence it created a new moon in the chart for the USA. The first 45 years from 2001 will represent new policies, new programs, and getting our collective feet wet in this new era. The first 205 years of the USA reflected the symbols in the chart as world leaders, caring for others, innovators in education, forward thinking, rejecting old established ways and forging new policies. The shadow side of the energy in the USA chart has the tendency to think it is always right, or will be right or hold firm to what it thinks at all cost and not listening to what others think. The USA has the symbol that represents it believes it has all the answers and believing that our way of thinking is the right way. The change in political parties was practically guaranteed astrologically speaking with the current energy impacting the chart of the USA. This energy is demanding restructuring and major shifts in real estate and how it is viewed by the world. This is from the Saturn Uranus opposition that is on the mid heaven and IC of the USA chart. What this means is that the job that the USA has will change and that it will impact the homes and families of the entity we call the USA. What is the job of the USA? How has the USA positioned itself? What has been the purpose and role of the government for the country? It is changing and that change can lead to a more socialist society. An astrologer can look at the chart of the USA and see that it could symbolize a country that will develop into a country with socialist policies. The next several months are critical and decisive times for the USA. The out.e of decisions that are being made now will be apparent many years down the road. As in personal charts, there are messages from the universe that help guide towards the highest good. For the USA the message is to be true to what is right, and to examine fundamental beliefs that are collectively held by the county and eliminate those beliefs that no longer serve the best interest. The other message is to examine and acknowledge the resources that the country has, beyond how much money, determine the true resources within the country and discover how the country can put the resources into action. In spite of the collective energy in the USA chart that is implying we are headed towards a socialist state, there is another alternative vibration that indicates that the people like the concept which helps those who are in dire straights however the people will reject any imposition on their freedom. First and foremost within the collective energy of the USA is the attitude of being able to live ones life the way one desires, free from restrictions or any legislation that would inhibit individuality. The year of 2009 will find that the collective thoughts and beliefs about what is important, what we believe we need as individuals will alter. Faith will be tested and destroyed; those who believed if they worked hard and were loyal to the .pany they would be taken care of will be proved wrong. Yet the collective soul of the USA will find inner wealth and resources that have been hidden from view. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: