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Photography If you’ve decided to use web video to promote your business, then how do you get your target audience to watch it? Chances are your .petitors are already doing it and there are literally thousands of web videos available which are just a simple click away – which could be a click away from your web video. You need to grab their attention and keep it. However internet video production is not about spending lots of money or incorporating Hollywood-style .puter graphics effects to get your viewers attention. Be smart with your internet video production by following a few of these simple tips and get your web video watched by the ones you want watching it: Keep it short – Around two to three minutes in length is generally re.mended, otherwise you risk losing your viewers attention. Remember they have plenty of choice at their fingertips. Short scenes are also a good idea so cut out any unnecessary or boring bits from the video. A shorter video will also help reduce its size, making it much faster to download and view. Use clear audio – Get your hands on a good microphone that picks up all the necessary audio, and don’t let your viewer have to strain to hear anything. Make sure the audio and video are synchronised in the post internet video production process. Shoot in close – Web videos are viewed on small .puter screens, or more .monly these days, on mobile phones, so wide or long shots will affect the visual content. Use clear close up shots that can be easily viewed on a .puter or mobile phone screen display size. Use good lighting – Whether you use natural or artificial light, don’t underestimate the importance of using good lighting throughout the web video. Avoid any obstructive shadows, so try not to film in direct sunlight. Correct placement on your website – You’ve been through the inter. video production process and your web video is ready to be seen, so it should be easy to find on your website. Depending on what your web video is about will determine which page it should sit on your website. If the video is an introduction to your business, then it would be more suited to the homepage. A product demonstration video would be better placed on the product page of your website. Optimise your web video – one important stage of the inter. video production process is to make sure it will appear on search engines. Using relevant key words, captions and tags will help elevate the video up the search engine ranking increasing the chances of it being watched by your target audience. These are just some of the techniques used by the professionals in inter. video production, and there is plenty more they can do. Graphics, flash interactivity and captions or using 360 video techniques, are some other elements professional web video producers can inject into your web video. However even if you get the professionals involved, its still important to understand yourself the basics of inter. video production. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: