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Automobiles Tata motor is one of the largest automobile .panies in India with its centers spread across the country. It deals in both .mercial and non .mercial vehicles. It provides its customers with wide range and varieties but customers are not satisfied; many of them are facing one or the other problem either with the automobiles provided to them or with the services. To .plaint against these issues they try and contact customer care of Tata motors. Along with wide range of automobiles it provides customers with wide range of .plaints. Customers are facing problems regarding manufacturing, durability, sales department, service, etc. and after this when they try and contact Tata Motors Customer Care hoping for a positive response, they receive poor response. Customer care services keep delaying the issue. A customer contacted the service centre for resolution of some manufacturing problem, the vehicle was submitted to the service centre and then after four days customer was called to recollect the vehicle, the customer called and confirmed if the vehicle was ready he received an affirmative response but when he reached the service centre his car was in the same condition, which left him furious and disappointed. On inquiring, he was informed that there was some .munication problem, which left the customer helpless. A big brand as Tata Motors is marked by failure of solving problems and keeping their promises. Consumer .plaints against Tata Motors are quite .mon and cases registered against them in consumer courts are innumerable. Many of them are against the breach in the warranty deal. Customer care of Tata motors is not any how better than these dealers, several calls to them either goes unanswered or in vain. Even though Tata motors is a popular brand and it has large consumer base in India, its reputation is diminishing day by day due to improper after sales and poor customer care services. On time delivery is a general criteria, which a customer expects to be fulfilled or at least pre information regarding the delay. But such careless response from Tata motors and their customer care department is unacceptable. Plans like extended warranty etc are not so popular due to bad reviews of their counter parts. After sales and customer care services is what bound customer with the product and manufacturer, but with such services Tata Motors will not be able to tie bonds with their old customer nor they will be able to generate new consumers for their products. .pany is planning to broaden its base in abroad but its losing the grip on Indian market. It will have to improve its manufacturing services to increasing the durability of vehicle and decreasing the consumer .plaints and dissatisfaction. Tata motors need to work on transparency of warranty deals to reduce number of .plaints in consumer court and to upgrade its reputation. It is mandatory to upgrade customer care services of Tata motors to win the faith and loyalty of customers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: