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Crafts-Hobbies Tips and Tricks To Get The Absolute Lowest Wholesale Price! There are a few ways to get audio and electronics wholesale and we are going to clear up some of the rumors and half truths. First let’s define wholesale, generally it’s defined as "buying or selling goods in huge quantities". The reason for the large quantity is to get a lower price per unit. Anyone can go to the store and buy an amplifier for $350.00. The reason you want to buy wholesale is to save money. For example, because the store probably bought 12 of these amps from the manufacturer or the factory and they paid $200.00 each that leaves them a good gross profit of $150.00 each. Wouldn’t it be great to cut out the $150.00 markup and buy it direct? The problem with that is most people don’t need 12 Lanzar 2,000 watt amplifiers and even if they did they couldn’t buy them directly from the manufacturer or distributor. That is only reserved for audio and electronics dealers. So unless you want to start a business, file taxes every year, and deal with customers every day, it’s not really a practical option to buy direct from the factory or manufacturer. There are many other requirements before you can buy audio gear from many manufacturers. Ever heard of M.A.P.? or transhipping or buy-ins? These are all words that are meant to allow the manufacturers to control the supply of their products and the prices in the marketplace. Rockford Fosgate doesn’t want their stuff at flea markets and pawn shops. So they make it very difficult to buy directly from them. There are many reasons for this and I would be happy to explain them to you but it would take 30 pages or more to fully explain it and that’s beyond the scope of this ebook. The important thing to remember is that it’s not easy to get every brand wholesale. Sometimes it’s nearly impossible. Look at it from the manufacturers point of view, they are business’s and they want to make money, as much profit as possible. To do that they want to charge as much as somebody is willing to pay, so the harder they make it for certain .panies to get their products the more control over the price people pay and they protect their huge profit margins for their dealers and shareholders. To sum it up, some brands cannot be bought wholesale unless you have your own car audio store. However, all is not lost. You can still get most of the items you want wholesale if you know where to look. So what are your options? You can go to a wholesale to the public .pany and buy at or near wholesale. Thousands of products and over 100 brands are available. Including the hard to find installation accessories like fuse blocks, noise filters, 0 gauge wire, and much more. We re.mend one wholesale to the public .pany later in this ebook. Check Chapter 3 for more details. Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you get the lowest prices. Be sure to get the total price that includes shipping and handling, membership fee’s, etc. Sometimes .panies try to make money on the so called shipping and handling fee’s sometimes charging as much as $50 for a car audio head unit. Ebay sellers are notorious for excessive shipping rates on car audio and electronics. Especially subwoofers and neon and performance parts. We’ve seen a high end car audio amplifier with a retail value of $400.00 sell for way below wholesale on an online store, in fact it sold for less than $50.00 brand new, of course the shipping and handling was $229.00, so the total price was $279.00, about the same price you could get it for at BEST BUY (plus sales tax of course, add another $14-$18. Using the links on our site you could have purchased that car audio amplifier at a huge wholesale price discount of around $150.00 with shipping and no sales tax. I’m not sure about you, but $79 is too much money for me to give away. It’s a savings of nearly 35%. Discount car audio amplifiers are easy to find with our website, just look around and you will find many great wholesale deals, some up to 80% off retail. Look for a warranty from the manufacturer. This is the only way to make sure you can get service if something goes wrong with your gear. Saving a few bucks when you buy isn’t a very good deal if the $1,000 video head unit you just bought needs service and the .pany you bought it from disappears a few weeks after you installed it. If you can’t get a manufacturers warranty be sure to buy from a reliable dealer who offers their own warranty and will be around should you need to send the item for service. Be aware of too good to be true deals. If a price sounds too low, you should be suspicious. Many times dealers will sell a used or refurbished unit below WHOLESALE and may not tell you it’s B stock. B stock usually doesn’t have the same warranty as the original product and it may have already been broken once and then repaired. It’s not supposed to be sold as new, but some shady sellers still do it. In certain cases it makes sense to buy B stock or refurbished items if the warranty is from a reliable .pany and the warranty is as long as the original warranty. If you can wait until the end of the model year which is usually around the first quarter of the year their will be good deals around. Many times manufacturers will give huge discounts as they try to get rid of the soon to be old models of car audio and electronics. Many manufacturers do not release new models every year for every product. For example, the JL AUDIO 12" subwoofer, the 12W6 was a current model that wasn’t improved on for several years so their was no discount. Look for closeout and below wholesale deals starting in late December and ending around March. Tips on choosing brand names: Figure out what you really want from your gear. Is your #1 priority a great sounding system or is it to show off the expensive brand name on the top of your amp? Now more than ever in the world of car audio the performance gap is closing. Many of the perceived low end or medium quality brands are getting better and better and you’ll never hear the difference between some of the amps that sell for $150.00 versus a Rockford Fosgate amp that sells for $300.00. Wanna know which ones we are talking about? Drop us an email. Sometimes you are paying for a brand name. If you’ve got more money than you need or you want a certain brand name, go ahead and buy whatever brand is hot at the time. Are some of the high end brands worth the money? Of course they are, many times their are only one or two brands that even have the type of product you want. A few years ago there were only a few major .panies that made a double din LCD navigation unit. Now we count at least 10 different .panies. If only the best will do, you can expect to pay for it. But for most products you can save money and still get top quality performance from readily available wholesale brands. Be careful of Ebay & cheap online sellers. Do you really want to buy your car audio from a .pany that also sells blenders and sewing machines? Remember car audio professionals are more likely to have the experience that is required when helping you select the correct products and install them. It is very important when choosing a store to buy from. We’ve heard horror stories about places advertising low prices and people calling them and asking questions like, "what is the RMS of that head unit?", and the stores salesperson replying "it plays cd’s and mp3’s.", they had no idea what RMS even meant. Many times these low prices are ac.panied by rude and ignorant salespeople. The "New York" sellers are notorious for trying to get your credit card number as fast as possible and not knowing one thing about car audio. Get your blender from Wal-Mart and get your car audio from a professional and experienced .pany. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: