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Internet-and-Business-Online When I started writing this series of affiliate marketing tips, I realised that so many affiliate marketers are looking for ways to grow their sales. Putting in back links, creating Squidoo pages and setting up a decent web site will only get you so far. In this article, I’m going to share with you many of the techniques that I have implemented on my own businesses to make more sales. Sales = profit. That is what we are all looking for. By finding a business that does not compete against you, but can work with your products, then it’s quite possible to gain much. You’ll be able to give each other access to leads, share advertising costs, create unique products etc. Quite often a product offered with a service, makes a popular combination – ie sell a book with an hour’s telephone consulting with it. 1. Find a business partner that complements your niche. Even article marketing gives an opportunity for this. Submit your articles to e-zines or sites that republish them. Your name and your business will get out there on the web. Develop your style so that you offer something a little different from the competition. 2. Brand yourself and your business. Take time out during your day or your week to look at your business with a birdseye view. New ideas can often be the difference between failure and success and something that you should regularly seek out. Many ideas can be taken from other businesses and be recycled to suit your niche. 3. Give yourself time to brainstorm. You don’t need to copy them, but you can practice some of their behaviours and traits that have made them successful. Think Bill Gates, watch TED videos about business and thinking for inspiration. Look to the gurus for affiliate marketing tips and techniques that you can apply to your business. 4. Model other successful gurus. For example try PPC advertising or doing something that you haven’t tried before that will cost money. You might find something that really makes a difference to the number of clients that you gain. 5. Take a few risks with your business. Study ads that big business use and pick out the elements. Many times good sales writing uses emotional words such as ‘love, freedom, happiness’ etc. Look into what words you can use to improve your copywriting. Alternatively, buy books on the topic by Joseph Sugarman and Bob Bly – the experts. 6. Learn how to do really good copywriting. Use their feedback to make improvements and you might even gain the reviewer as a new customer. 7. Ask people to review your website. You will then be freed up to apply yourself to some of the more difficult tasks that only you can do – such as researching new products and making business decisions and improvements. 8. Outsource some of your menial tasks. By applying these ideas you will be on the way to gaining many more sales. All businesses need a little creative work, and by using these affiliate marketing tips, your profits will benefit. Copyright (c) 2011 Andrew Holtom About the Author: 相关的主题文章: