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The new Ang Lee movie premiere exposes the "soul" of the casting phase – Boy Genius entertainment Sohu Ang Lee Premiere of the new film Sohu entertainment news (the video on November 6th July SEN), new director Ang Lee "Billy – Lynn’s midfield war" held in Beijing premiere, director Ang Lee served an important role together with the son of Li Chun and rookie performance experience he discovered the new Joe – Alvin in the film appeared in the premiere. After a lapse of four years to come back again, despite the haze and busy work led to Ang Lee had no time to go out to play, he was very happy to come back to feel the fiery atmosphere of the Chinese mainland film market. The Ang Lee challenge 120 frame new film technology is also the first contact with the military theme to the audience, he explained why he constantly challenges the film technology, and why no new performance experience again and again featuring the protagonist. "Billy Lynn’s war" is midfielder Ang Lee’s breakthrough 120 frame 4K 3D format film, tells the story of American soldiers returning from war in the face of home life thoughts, the hero and the superstar Britney glory, but the protagonist was found himself forced to return to the battlefield. Although Ang Lee has won numerous awards including the Oscar award, the 62 year old film director always exploring new areas to film school students "mentality," as long as it can let me touch with the film related work I feel happy". Ang Lee compared the film with the "Youth", on the one hand, "the show" and "the real war" as the "juvenile" in the fantasy world and the real world. And explore the young pie "actor Sura Sharma, he chose a big screen acting experience, the British actor Joe Alvin. Ang Lee said, see Alvin seemed to see a split the same as their own, he jokingly described as saw a "rigged" by Afanda, both for Sura Sharma and Joe Alvin, he felt that both sides have more exchanges do not get it, but the relationship between tutors and disciples, and more is the thoughts and images together. Ang Lee think the role of the process is not only a rational thinking, emotional exchange, more soul induction, he admitted that the former life with their fate". For Joe Alvin, Ang Lee believes he may be better than the junior school, not only because it is also the top performing lovingly pathetic, talent, he felt that he could find the boy genius Alvin to play Billy Lynn is from the movie "providence". In addition to the new man, Ang Lee this time also let his son Li Chun joined the film, as one of the heroes of the eight soldiers. Micro-blog interactive before this, Ang Lee had a humorous and self deprecating "good" to make yourself feel bazooka’s father, Lee Chun in the film is really the use of rocket blasting scenes, but Li Chun said he was under pressure, due to the limited conditions, only two cameras shooting this scene, they must very sure. He described himself as "more than Ang Lee’s son". But Li Chun and Joe – Alvin did not have to wait, they were sent to the camp with other young actors to accept the devil training, as 4k120相关的主题文章: