Auto Insurance Not Only For

Insurance There are a lot of people in this world though that auto insurance is a scam. If you are one of them, you should be careful. Why? Because if you do not have one, you are going to pay very dearly sometime in the future. Auto Insurance is very importance these days. There are a lot of people involved in the car accident, and that was not even their fault. You could drive your car very carefully but could still involve in the car accident in the end. It may be or may be not your fault, but in the end you still be liable for some damages, and for these reason to have an auto insurance will be very handy. Not only for Accident Auto Insurance is not only to cover for accident, but also to cover for misfortune that might occur related to your car. For example, one of a friend of mine just bought a brand new car, and it does not .e with auto insurance. So an hour after he bought the car, he straight away bought auto insurance. My friend lives in an apartment and parks his car in the car parking in the basement. But what happened is that on the day he bought the car, that night came thunder storm. When the storm finally calm in the morning, the entire basement was flooded. Well this is the times where he was really grateful that he already has auto insurance, because the insurance bought him another car. Now can you imagine if that happened to you and by that time you still do not have any auto insurance? One day you spend all of your saving to buy a brand new car, the next day your brand new car is drowned in the flood. How do you feel?? Theft Another good example that auto insurance is not only cover for accident is that when someone stole your car or just part of it. You might have the security lock in your car, alarm system, steering lock or even the immobilizer installed in your car. And let just say you park your car every night in your locked and safety garage. May be you can guarantee that your car will be safe and sound in your garage, but your car is not going to be in your garage for every hour and every day. You need your car to go to work, pickup your kids, and shopping, in other words, you need your car to do your daily activities. The problem is that during the time you do your daily activities, your car could be park in places where there is no guarantee of safety. You could still find you car in the same parking spot, but the window already broken and someone stole your stereo inside your car or even stole your tires. Now can you imagine again if that happened to you and you do not have any auto insurance cover? How much money that you have to spend to fix the car? What make it worse, while your car is still in reparation; you have to spend more money to rent a car so that you can still do your daily activities. If you already have auto insurance, your insurance .pany will take care everything, so you can relax. You do not even have to spend extra payment to rent a car. Your insurance .pany will pay for it, so convenient do not you think? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: