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Automatic models can not talk about manipulation? Sohu car has long been a total control of cognition, that is only the manual gear products are qualified to evaluate a car, there are also some opinions are words zaozao, words and even some abusive ingredients inside, we respect all the same things differently, of course we are the only manual can manipulate the view put forward some different opinions, if also said the radical point is, what good can only open a manual manipulation? For ordinary people, what is manipulation, is nothing more than a bend more smooth, stable and fast, the car feels that is fast and agile, uninvolving relaxed feeling, we did not deny to do this, people’s driving skills is very important, but for vehicles, higher requirements so, as a media person, most often heard the manipulation of a good car also talk about a few cars, but to say that only a good manual man can feel a sense of control, as a manual fast open fried, motionless also stall old driver, I would not. In the manual driving fans, manual transmission models of the fun is undoubtedly much higher than automatic, before there is a very good friend and former colleague, put the manual models out of the realm, in his eyes, see the tachometer seamless footwork and with their right hand shifting action of rhythmic movements one thing that is very cool, because I often sat in his car for him in the manual driving skill has been admired. In the eyes of this man, compared to the manual all things are on their own to grasp the steering wheel, brake and throttle and gear, as long as you can put a few good coordination, will be able to experience a very good sense of control and driving pleasure. So again, those who have automatic models or no intention to manually block models, such as in the next, it is not qualified to talk about and experience the manipulation of it? This is clearly not, or we waste so much to make people write Jin Bala play? In my opinion, the manipulation is reflected in the control of the vehicle is not wrong, how can it be called manipulation two words right? And what we have to do is to say a word for the automatic models, or say, open the person who can also talk about automatic control. The first thing to say is a point to open the automatic models of people, a lot of people do not pay attention to what manipulation, this point I feel that I have a manual transmission models, but the school has just come out after less than a year, did not experience a sense of control for what, after all a novice can smooth out to open the back is not easy. When I had the first automatic car, this manual models almost is out, because the automatic models I bring is a manual not easy, not afraid of Banpo started, nor the shift does not lead to timely flameout, from this point of view, do not bring me automatic what’s the sense of participation, or more convenience and to compensate for the shortages of technology. May have a friend to say, said a long time, is not an automatic control, the key to, I always think, fuck R相关的主题文章: