Baby tomato and meat – Sohu remonstrate

Tomato and meat – Sohu mother today we recommend is tomato and meat in cooking time add more vegetables and minced meat can not only enrich the noodles taste and rich nutrition of vegetables and meat are all fix acidy can improve the child’s appetite to do more is super simple cold weather to a bowl of hot steaming face suits noodles can they do Shougan, if it is to choose the baby finished noodles must learn to check ingredients especially noodles, tomato and meat formula of sodium content to choose the best sodium content is low or no sodium: 80g, 35g, pork noodle, tomato 50g rape 30g sauce no cooking methods: fried, boiled reference months: 12 months The above degree of difficulty: no difficulty tip: suitable for food in the text is not allergic to the baby. * * * 1 prepare ingredients: noodles 80g, pork 35g, tomato 50g, small rape 30g. PS: small rape can also be used instead of other green leafy vegetables, pork can choose more tender pork tenderloin. 2 wash the pork chop into minced meat. PS: pork chop well, it is best to use chopsticks to catch, so the pot meat all together. 3 wash tomatoes, on the surface of the cross shaped knife. PS: when choosing a tomato, best buy color is red, this is generally mature tomato juice. 4 then pour boiling water, no tomato. 5 and then tear off the tomato skin, chopped. 6 after the water is boiled, boiled for 30 seconds into the rape. PS: Billy Cole, with chopsticks and rape, first boiled the stalks, then all into the water. 7 small rape boiled fish, chopped. PS: give a little baby to eat, do not cut too broken. 8 pot and pour a little oil, heat the oil into the meat. 9 stir fried minced meat until the color white. 10 pour diced tomatoes, minced meat and stir fry until the juice. 11 then add appropriate amount of water. 12 small fire to boil soup. 13 then put the noodles into the pot. PS: if you give the baby to eat noodles, remember to cut a little short oh! 14 noodles after boiling, then add a little bit of water, continue to boil. PS: Baby digestive function is not very perfect, so the noodles to cook a little longer, easy to swallow and digest the baby. 15 finally into the chopped rape, cook for 1 minutes. PS: small rape do not put too early, 1 minutes before the pot can be poured. 16 simple and fast tomato minced meat noodles is ready, slightly sour taste loss of appetite is very suitable for baby oh! WeChat public "baby nutrition complementary", included the baby for me doing 500 nutrition foods with these 500 food recipes, no longer for the baby to eat what to worry about.相关的主题文章: