Black illegal sale of whitening needle users more than Beijing – Disfigured

"Black" illegal sale of "whitening needle" – Beijing disfigured multiple users through illegal channels to buy whitening needle, after two times after packaging sales, resulting in many users disfigured after use. Recently, the Huaian city of Jiangsu Province, Qingpu District procuratorate prosecution, the court for the crime of selling fake drugs sentenced Qiao Yu to ten months, suspended for one year and fined 80 thousand yuan, prohibited from engaging in drug production, sales and other activities in the probation period. The 39 year old Joe Yu since 2009 has been engaged in medical equipment sales. May 2014, Qiao Yu through illegal channels to buy whitening needles, and Nanjing Tianyi Star Plastic Products Co., Ltd. (unregistered) in the name of the two packaging. In the meantime, hiring Zhu Hong (handled separately) to sell all over the country. As of September of that year, Qiao Yu, who accumulated sales value of more than 5.4 yuan of whitening needle. Some money, Xiamou using the beauty product after disfigurement, endocrine disorders and other symptoms, in November 2014. January 15, 2015, Qiao Yu surrendered to the public security organs. After identification, the Department of counterfeit sales Qiao Yu whitening needle. (Wang Yuanyuan, Huang Ju)相关的主题文章: