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BulksmsIndia.mobi in its first year of inception has created a mark for itself with a growth of more than 200% month on month basis. The reasons cited for this growth by the CEO Mr. B. K. Bose are Constant product development, a dedicated aggressive marketing team, tele. operators support and after sales support by the support team. Lot of firsts were launched by bulksmsindia.mobi in a very short period of time. The pace of developments had been very high and if you believe what Mr. Bhushan (Technical Team Head) has to say than lot of excitement is on the way. As per Mr. Bhushan This is just the beginning. We have analysed most of the biggies in this field and know that our developmental skills and strengths will make us a winner. You will find many exciting products in the near future which are already envisaged and are in implementation stage. The new developments and features that were added recently include a Support Ticket System (STS) and NDNC Filtration. STS is a system which was conceived and implemented by the technical team. The major credit goes to Mr. Bhushan. With more than 100 resellers and 30000 users, it was getting difficult to provide support. Since most of the resellers do not have a separate support staff or a proper system, they were facing difficulties in handling customers after sales. Also most of the .munication was either telephonic or through emails thus there was no systematic record of previous .munication. STS has handled the after sales support in a beautiful manner. User after login to their account for any issue can open a support ticket. User gets a support ticket no. This support ticket is received by the reseller in form of a SMS and also a ticket opens up in his login panel. In case of direct customers, ticket opens up in admin panel and support team receives a sms. This ticket remains open till the matter is resolved and reverted back either by the support team or by the reseller. Client gets a sms also when the ticket is closed. In case reseller is unable to handle the query, he can escalate the ticket to his senior level. STS has been launched on 25th of October and since then, it has eased and systemised the whole procedure. There are 5 different links in the Support link: 1.Open New Ticket: One has to create a ticket to get the response from his senior level. On ticking Send SMS to Support, the senior will receive an SMS containing the query. 2.View Open Ticket: User can view the ticket opened by him and in bracket he will find the no. of open tickets. This ticket will remain open till it is closed by him or his senior. He can also update this ticket. 3.View Closed Ticket: All the tickets which are closed either by user or his senior can be viewed here. In the bracket user will find the total no. of closed tickets. 4.View Open .work Ticket: Reseller can view the support tickets created by his clients. He can reply to them, close them and by ticking on the check box, his client will receive an SMS also about the reply. In bracket reseller will find the no. of open tickets. 5.View Closed .work Ticket: Reseller can view the previous tickets which had been closed either by him or his client. In bracket he will find the no. of closed tickets. Another added feature is Free NDNC(National Do Not Call) Filtration. As per TRAI regulations, promotional SMS are not allowed on NDNC registered numbers. BulksmsIndia.mobi has added this feature for advertisers advantage wherein advertiser can get his data filtered free of cost. He need to send the file by email ( [email protected] ). Advertiser should follow the following guidelines while submitting data. The file sent by advertiser shall meet the following requirements: a. Presently, one can filter only two files per day b. The file should be in excel format. No other format shall be accepted. c. It should be ensured that the telephone numbers must be entered in excel file starting from Ist row and Ist column and there should not be any blank row in the file. The file should contain maximum of 2 sheets and each sheet should contain maximum of 65000 records d. Ensure that all the telephone numbers in the file should be i. Numeric ii. First digit should not be zero iii.First two digits should not be 95 iv. Total number of digits should be 10 Few more developments are in pipeline which includes Next Generation group voice sms and group MMS. More details will be provided soon 相关的主题文章: