College entrance examination online registration from tomorrow before the end of the month to comple pigeon blood

College entrance examination online registration from tomorrow before the end of the month to complete the qualification confirmation – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Zhang Kunlong) yesterday, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter from the education examination was informed that from tomorrow, 2017 college entrance examination officially started, conforms to the register condition Beijing candidates should be at 8 pm tomorrow to 12 days 20. Submit the application on the Internet, through the qualification examination candidates to 17 from 8 to 20, 20 in the personal information provided online and pay. Before the end of this month, to complete the online personal information reporting and payment of candidates for qualification confirmation. Candidates to complete the above three stages and through the qualification of the scene confirmed, before they can participate in college entrance examination next year. It is understood that this year’s online payment system to support a total of 17 banks. Examination high admissions remind the person in charge of the candidates, online payment, candidates must first open the bank card online banking payment function. Candidates should be familiar with the online payment process in advance, read the use of bank cards and notes, and pay attention to the payment platform and the bank to give tips, if necessary, to illustrate the operation. At the completion of online personal information reporting and payment, candidates need residence booklet, the original identity card within the specified time and place for the qualification confirmation procedures, the staff on-site confirmation letter of introduction is also test unit. Among them, graduates of high admissions to the school district where the specified location, the specific location by the school notice; social youth in principle in the account where the street (township); high admissions staff in the location of the unit area. Registration qualification will be collected during the examination of electronic photos. According to the requirements, in accordance with the requirements of candidates to strictly abide by the provisions of the time, according to the requirements to fill in the relevant information and submit the application. Submit the application in the Internet, candidates have to set their own password; this password will be after the personal information provided online and online payment, completing the volunteer candidates to remember the password, and pay attention to password security. In addition, the examinee registration information is an important part of the examinee of electronic archives, the candidates are admitted to colleges and universities the student data related information from the examinee registration information, the examinee to ensure my entrance registration information is accurate. College entrance examination enrollment information is no longer changed after confirmation of registration. In addition, the next year, the average level of Higher Vocational College Admissions admissions unified testing, art majors unified examination, foreign language interview, sports professional examination registration will also be carried out over the same period. Online to fill in personal information and payment links, eligible to participate in the relevant test candidates to be selected and related projects to complete the payment. Online payment fees should include both college entrance examination fees, but also to include the type of test fee.相关的主题文章: