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College: Choosing Your Major By: Olga Harris | Aug 11th 2006 – Choosing your major in college or university may seem like the decision of a lifetime. It certainly may be the most important decision to date in your lifetime and possibly you feel poorly equipped to make the decision. You should take this decision seriously and give it some time to think on it. Your major w … Tags: College Grants – The Best Way To Pay Your Way Through College By: Garrick Banks | Aug 8th 2006 – If you are on the lookout for money to pay your way through college, one of the avenues you might have considered are grants. Unlike other types of financial aid, grants do not have to be repaid. Applying for as many college grants as you can is one of the best strategies you can use. In this way, there will be a great chan … Tags: Avoid The Pitfalls Of A College Student Credit Card By: Bradley Carson | Aug 7th 2006 – Everyone knows that earning a college degree increases your future earning potential by at least double over your working career. This fact hasn’t been lost on the .panies that market credit cards as evidenced by the number of credit card solicitations college students receive in the mail almost daily. It is esse … Tags: Can You Really Get An Accredited Online College Education? By: Bill Urell | Jul 25th 2006 – With the busy lives many people have today, continuing or achieving college education online is one of the few viable options. There is no .mute to a school campus, hassle with childcare or interference with your current job. Tags: College Dating By: Mark Gesture | Jul 22nd 2006 – Hello everyone! College dating seems to be very important in the span of someone’s life, whether it be the list of people they hooked up with or the person they married. I know more friends who coupled up and stayed coupled while meeting in college. I just graduated from Bentley College near Boston, MA and I … Tags: Loans For College Students With Poor Credit By: Jeremy Thompson | Jul 13th 2006 – Learn about what to do if you are a college student and have poor credit. Tags: Where To Find Student Loans For College By: Dennis Conner | Jul 9th 2006 – A college education may seem trivial to some but to not to most people who want to achieve a better status in life economically and socially. Globalization has made education very important because of the increasing .petitiveness among young professionals worldwide. A college degree has be.e a prerequisit … Tags: Internet Is Now The Best Place To Conduct Your College Search By: Ian Koch | Jul 5th 2006 – In today’s internet age, it is .paratively easy to conduct your college search in a very short time. The best way to gain in-depth knowledge about the top colleges out there is to turn to the internet. Tags: Saving For Your Childs College Education By: Robert Michael | Jun 23rd 2006 – Paying for college is one of the largest expenses a parent will face in their lifetime, other than paying for a house. Because of this, care needs to be taken as well as special planning and allocations of finances in order to take the burden away from this expense. Starting early is the best option, even when your child is … Tags: Get The Facts About Student Loans For College By: Lisa Scott | May 26th 2006 – One of your first priorities when finishing up high school should be to look for financial aid for college. This way when you get into that University, you won’t be pondering numerous ways to pay for it. The funds will be in place. When you apply for student loans, the key is to be the early bird. Yes, that whole early bird … Tags: College Interviews General Questions By: Jonathan Mayheart | May 22nd 2006 – There are many factors that make a great interview, but the most important of all are the answers. Your college interview preparation must start by thinking of all the possible questions that you may be asked, and some questions that you will want to ask too. Why research and focus on the questions? Mo … Tags: Choosing The Right College; Getting The Information You Need By: Dan Rosenfield – | May 19th 2006 – The most important part of the college selection process is the initial identification of colleges and universities which are most appropriate for you. Soliciting re.mendations from your school counselor is a good starting point, but there are many other valuable resources you should utilize. Most guidance … Tags: How Anyone Can Get Scholarship Money For College By: Jim Johnson | May 17th 2006 – Getting college scholarship money is not all that difficult if you go about it the right way. There are lots of college students that get scholarship money every year that helps pay for their education, and scholarships are one of the best sources of college funding because they never have to be repaid. Tags: How To Avoid The Most .mon College Scholarship Mistakes By: Jim Johnson | May 17th 2006 – Every semester college students all across the country are pursuing scholarship money to help pay for their college education. Some are very successful in getting scholarships, and others aren’t. Tags: How To Save Money And Protect Yourself When Getting An Accredited College Degree By: Jim Johnson | May 16th 2006 – Getting the right college degree can open the door to a bright future in the career that you wish to pursue, but there are things that you need to know in advance in order to save money and protect yourself. Tags: The Top Five Tips On How To Choose A College Major By: Jim Johnson | May 16th 2006 – Choosing a college major is a challenge for many college students at one time or another. In fact, it’s not un.mon for college students to change their major after spending a year or two pursuing a college major that they are no longer interested in. Tags: The Top Ten Tips For College Success By: Jim Johnson | May 15th 2006 – Making the adjustment to college life can be difficult for almost any age level, but especially for those just out of high school. There’s so many new experiences to get used to, and it can easily get overwhelming. Tags: How To Save Money When You Buy College Textbooks By: Jim Johnson | May 15th 2006 – College students are often shocked by the amount they have to pay for college textbooks each semester. If you add it up over the course of the year it can prove to be a very expensive part of your college education. Tags: The Top Four Ways To Pay For Your College Degree By: Jim Johnson | May 15th 2006 – One of the most stressful things about pursuing a college education is figuring out how that you’re going to pay for your college degree. Tags: Time Management Tips For College Students By: gord | May 1st 2006 – College life is full of challenges. College students are faced of mountainous confrontations and obstacles that must be faced. These students must work hard to prove not only to themselves but to other people that they are worthy of getting into college and finishing successfully. Tags: Gpa – How It Helps In College Admissions By: Devin Yeo | Apr 22nd 2006 – There"��s really nothing more important in your college application than the strength of your academics. Unlike essays and the SATs which can be polished in several weeks, the transcript is a culmination of four years of academic work you did in high school. There"��s little you can do to change your academic record. That i … Tags: How To Accredited College Degree Today Starting From Scratch By: wirat | Apr 19th 2006 – How To Accredited College Degree Today Starting From Scratch – Guaranteed Quickly and Easily! Tags: Finding College Scholarships By: Hallidae Thomason | Apr 18th 2006 – Whether you are a senior in high school or a parent whose teen is about to graduate, there is no doubt that you are in the middle of the process of trying to choose a college that is best. Is the process overwhelming you and your family? Are you finding it hard to find a school that fits all of the things you and your famil … Tags: 5 Ways To Pay For College By: Aurel Radulescu | Mar 19th 2006 – One of the most stressful things about attending college is figuring out how to afford it. Paying for college doesn"��t have to be impossible and students don"��t have to be wealthy in order to get a quality education. There are a number of ways that almost anyone can afford to pursue the career of their dreams with the e … Tags: College Interview General Preparation By: Jonathan Mayheart | Mar 16th 2006 – Lets first think of a college interview, what is it really, why do they even bother to take the time and personally meet each applicant, and what kind of power a good interview has. You have probably conducted your own national college search, and already know your preferences. Colleges have interviews for one simple reason … Tags: Credit Cards For College Students – Finding The Best Available By: Robert Willard | Mar 10th 2006 – Student credit cards are geared primarily toward college students. But there are many factors that can make a credit card the right choice for a college student. Therefore, it is important for consumers to first learn about each type of available card and then choose the one that is best for them. Secured cre … Tags: Reduce College Debt With Scholarships By: Dale Clifton, The Scholarship Doctor | Mar 9th 2006 – Preparation not procrastination is critical for college scholarship success. Families, that plan the total high school effort, will have the best opportunity to win thousands of scholarship dollars and avoid the college financial crunch. Tags: How To Email Your College Professor By: Randy Harold | Mar 8th 2006 – So its 1:30 am and there you are at the .puter trying to refresh the email inbox page. The big test is tomorrow and your Professor still hasn"��t replied back, but why? Contrary to popular belief, that your Professor wants you to fail, the problem could stem from the fact that your email never reached him/her. Hence, the … Tags: Saving Money For College By: Charles Kassotis | Feb 13th 2006 – Learn some of these easy ways to set aside funds for college or university study so you won"��t have to rely on loans or scholarships. Tags: Online Private College And Universities By: Mark Woodcock | Feb 8th 2006 – Private colleges and Universities are known for their high standards and excellent academic programs. Their online programs are no different. If you are ready to get your Bachelor"��s degree, or if you are ready to continue your post-secondary education, consider an online private college or University degree program. Tags: College and University Choosing An Online Private College And University By: Mark Woodcock | Jan 19th 2006 – Private colleges and Universities are known for their high standards and excellent academic programs. Their online programs are no different. If you are ready to get your Bachelor"��s degree, or if you are ready to continue your post-secondary education, consider an online private college or University degree program. Tags: College and University Bad Or Good College Relationships: Control And Define Your Social Behavior Around The Campus By: CollegeDatingGuide Staff | Dec 27th 2005 – College life could be one of the most challenging parts of everyone"��s life where brand new interaction with totally different individuals may seem intimidating at first but will prove a significant step towards making your social and whole outlook in life as flexible and as exciting as possible. This is also the stage of … Tags: Learning On The .: Online College Classes By: Colin P | Dec 26th 2005 – Learning on the .: Online College Classes Tags: Getting A College Degree Online By: Jim Johnson | Dec 13th 2005 – Pursuing higher education is the goal of many people today as today’s job markets increasingly require more and higher quality education in order to find meaningful employment. When faced with the decision of which college to attend in order to get that needed college degree, the choices can be almost overwhelming. One aven … Tags: 相关的主题文章: