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Travel-and-Leisure f you cant afford their rates, or if you want to be more in touch with nature, then there are other types of ac.modations which can truly fit your budget. If you want cheap ac.modations, then try out guest houses. Guest house rates can be as low as 25 Euros. The basic facilities are present a bed, private CR, cable television not as luxurious as the ones found in hotels though. Some offer laundry services, airport transfer, and Wi-Fi. Whats great about guest houses is that they are usually managed by foreigners who fell in love with the place, so as fellow travelers, they can give you very .petitive prices. If youre not that obsessed with a luxury vacation, then staying in a guest house will do the trick. Must-try guest houses include the Tyvabro in Mauritius, the Daratif guest house in Morocco, Golden Apple Guest House in Ghana, among many others. Another option is to live in a lodge. Lodges are somewhere in between hotels and guest houses. The basic amenities are offered, such as a bed, TV, and private bath. Lodges are less luxurious and have less rooms .pared to 3-star hotels. Most lodges are near tourist spots so the .mute is lessened. Most lodges have annexed restaurants so you dont have to worry about your meals. Theres the Nyara Safari Lodge based in the Kruger National Park, Katarra Lodge in Uganda, and the Nuarro Luxury Eco Lodge in Mozambique. Similar to the concepts of lodge and guest houses is the Bed and Breakfast or B&B. A Bed and Breakfast is a place where you can stay for the night and eat breakfast the morning after. There are no more meals provided after breakfast. Whats great about B&BS is that their prices are cheap, and the ac.modation can be likened to that at home personalized and special.There are lots of B&Bs in South Africas West and East Capes. They are the Hath Bay B&B and Althone B&B, to name a few. You can also stay in villas, such as the Sunset Villa in Diani beach, Kenya. Villas are often secluded, and located near beaches and lakes. Villas are perfect for those who travel in Africa with the intent of basking in the beauty of nature. Most villas provide topnotch services .parable to that of hotels, yet you are located closer to the beautiful African environment. If you live in a villa, you dont have to worry about being in a crowded and noisy place for there are only a few rooms in this type of living option. Travel in Africa usually involves safari trips and what not. An African vacation is synonymous with .muning with nature, and one great place to experience so is by staying in Safari camps or luxury tented camps in Africa. In luxury tented camps, you dont have to disregard your .fort by cramping yourself in a small tent. Luxury tented camps have everything you need a bed, CR, and TV. Examples of luxury tented camps include the Mwanga Moto based in the Serengeti National Park, the Palahala Camp in the Katavi National Park, and Lupita Island near Lake Tanganyika. Theres also the Marra Timbo camp in Kenya. There are many places to stay in Africa, ranging from Bed and Breakfasts, lodges, luxury tents, and guest houses. These alternatives are cheaper and can get you closer to nature. You dont have to opt for expensive ac.modations in Africa to enjoy the continent because there are lots of affordable living options in Africa where you can choose from. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: