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UnCategorized Donald McKinley Glover is an American actor, writer, .edian, musician, and rapper. Glover first came to attention for his work in the sketch group Derrick .edy and is best known for his role as .munity college student Troy Barnes on the NBC .edy series .munity. Contrary to a persistent rumor, he is not the son of actor Danny Glover. Glover was born in Edwards Air Force Base, California, and raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia, attending Rockbridge Elementary School and DeKalb School of the Arts. His .edy Central special revealed that he was born into a foster home run by his mother. He graduated from New York University with a degree in Dramatic Writing in 2006. Glover is known for his work on the NBC show .munity alongside Joel McHale and Chevy Chase. Glover has been a writer for the NBC series 30 Rock where he also had an occasional cameo appearance. He was nominated for the Writers Guild of America Award award for Best .edy Series at the February 2009 ceremony for his work on the third season of 30 Rock. In 2008, rumors surfaced that Glover was to be.e a cast member of Saturday Night Live and that he would portray Presidential candidate Barack Obama. Glover refuted the SNL rumors on his Facebook profile: "Just to let people know. I was NOT asked to SNL. I just auditioned and there’s been a rumor spreading around the web. Just trying to clear the air."Glover’s stand-up special aired on .edy Central on March 19, 2010. There was a campaign on Twitter, "#donald4spiderman", for Glover to be allowed to audition for the role of Peter Parker in the Spider-Man film. The campaign, originally started to see how far social networking could carry a message, quickly got a large following. The call for Glover to be allowed to audition for the role was supported by Spider-Man creator Stan Lee and Ultimate Spider-Man writer Brian Michael Bendis. Glover was not awarded an audition, and the role of Peter Parker instead went to Andrew Garfield. In June 2010, it was announced that Glover would receive the Rising .edy Star award at the Just for Laughs festival in July.Glover is featured in Gap’s 2010 Holiday ad campaign.On March 16th, 2011 Donald hosted the mtvU Woodie Awards held live at South By Southwest. On March 24th, 2011 Donald taped his 1 hour special WEIRDO for .edy Central. Donald Glover DJs and produces his own music under the moniker ‘mcDJ.’ His music is of the electronic/remix variety and is often made available for free download via his official site. His current album releases include Love Letter in an Unbreakable Bottle and Utterances of the Heart. As a side project Glover raps as Childish Gambino, a name he found from a Wu-Tang Clan name generator.He released an album entitled "Sick Boi" on June 5, 2008, in which he thanks himself. On September 17, 2009, ‘Childish Gambino’ released the album Poindexter. A pair of mixtapes entitled I Am Just A Rapper, and I Am Just A Rapper 2 were released in close succession in early 2010. The track listings for his albums on I AM JUST A RAPPER and I AM JUST A RAPPER 2 consist of the name of the song "he" raps, followed by the song he raps over. His latest and third album, Culdesac, was set to be released on July 2, 2010, but a couple of last minute additions caused the album to be delayed for a day. The album was made available on July 3. Glover has stated in interviews that on "Sick Boi" and "Poindexter" he felt he had to hide behind gimmicks, such as pink hoodies. But with his subsequent projects, he has touched on more personal subject matter, including family, schoolyard bullying, troubled romantic relationships, suicidal thoughts and alcoholism. He has disowned his 2002 album, The Younger I Get, as the too-raw ramblings of what he calls a "decrepit Drake." On December 1 2010, Glover released the first track off of his EP titled "Be Alone". He released the next track, "Freaks and Geeks", as well as a five-song track list, on February 11. On February 25 2011, Donald released the dates for the IAMDONALD tour and also his very first music video for "Freaks and Geeks."On March 8, 2011 Donald released his newest EP via his official website.Glover also refers to himself as Cheezy, Sir Durton Cloud 9, Ms. Long-Lady Stanhope, and Bambini. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: