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Don’t say "Guo Cao" said the master, a storm cloud. Sohu mother or Guo Degang, or Cao Yunjin, or He Yunwei, all from the cloud out of the actors, personally, it will only be grateful, because I did not give them a penny, but they heard so much talk. I really appreciate their talent, and I’m glad that they have so much energy in the form of comic dialogue. Just now I saw a few of them co – operative crosstalk, especially He Yunwei, Guo Degang, and the three of them, the cooperation of the, I feel very good, very beautiful. They are on the stage of the cooperation, trust, in fact, they are all on the stage, so at that time feel good. I also imagined a bit, if all these people have not gone, if there is no Ban Ban Ban this class, that is, we work together, I think it is really the summer of the crosstalk, not spring. I am not from the character to see any one person, I think there is no so-called personality problems, no one has a problem, only the state is not in the lack of. People in the sense of lack of state, he is not a natural state of peace, he is in the sense of lack, it is necessary to seek, to compete. This lack of sense, the word and the consciousness of the mind, as well as the extension of thinking and beliefs, is too much. If you simply say, "I’m poor." So you’re okay, it’s not a lack of sense. Lack of feeling is not enough, now I’m missing. Behind the lack of sense is a strong conflict. When people are in such a strong conflict, they will do something to fight for. In order to satisfy myself, I can hurt others. In fact, this is not to blame, we do not use moral to accuse these. Just like in the famine years, people eat people, even eat their own family. This is an option in that extreme state, which is a natural response, it is not a critical thing. What is Guo Degang missing? Where is his sense of lack? He as a bottom layer of the kind of drifting life, economic deprivation is certainly strong. For example, all the people are leaving money low reflect deyunshe. Deyunshe money earn great, but to give the actor is very low, not a person, all the people say. If he gives less money, he is a poor man. In addition to the lack of money, he still lacks a lot of things. Such as lack of respect, recognition, he wants to control. In fact, Guo Degang, as well as Zhao Benshan, they have the same thinking. Of course, I am speaking not for Guo Degang himself, not for Zhao Benshan himself, not personal, is this belief system, who are the same, who in this belief system will do such reaction. We look at the traditional mentoring relationship. A teacher for a day is a father for a lifetime; a master, if love father and son. It’s a lot of praise, but there’s a problem with it, or it’s easy to get a problem. Of course, the most essential is the connotation, not the form. Not to say that this form of mentoring will definitely not good, this form in fact has many stories. But as long as the connotation is a friend.相关的主题文章: