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Travel-and-Leisure A holiday attraction bursting with Spains unique and stunning sights, Lloret de Mar is undoubtedly one of Costa Bravas dynamic and thriving tourist spots. With plenty of things to see and exciting places to be, Lloret de Mar is for a traveler, worth exploring. The night gets even livelier as LLoret de Mars endless rows of bars, clubs, discos are great spots to party and have a drink. This resort town caters several high-class hotels to budget friendly accommodations for visitors. You can get details and booking information by logging on to .go-cielo… More of LLoret de Mar LLoret de Mars gritty beach shores are just the thing for guests who want to spend a relaxing and restful day lying on the beach. Costa Bravas amiable winds, warm skies and rushing waters provide the perfect environment for water activities like pedaling boats, sailing, windsurfing or diving. Of course Lloret de Mar offers other great fun attractions even for kids and tots like go-karts, mini-trains, or horse riding. Kids can also enjoy the massive Waterworld Aquatic Park and have a glimpse of various marine species. Guests can also enjoy their LLoret de Mar vacation playing golf near the Santa Cristian de Aro. For a trip around the Costa Brava areas, tourists can enjoy outings and sightseeing excursions to the Old Girona or take advantage of mapped walks to local villages, take a cruise or go wine tasting to the countryside. LLoret de Mar also has a range of shops and market stalls that sell local mementos and .mon items. Shoppers can get find great buys from malls or take a shopping adventure at traditional local markets on Carrer del Mestres, Carrer Senia del Rabic and Carrer Verge de Loreto. Tourists can also choose a wide selection of classic and specialty restaurants that are sure to please the palate. La Pampa Steak House, La Parrilla and America are just some of Lloret de Mars distinct food stops. Tourists can go for a myriad of gastronomic favorites like traditional tapas, British cuisines, and local fares like sangrias and paella and international dishes like Chinese and Mexican specialties. Lloret de Mar be.es even more vivacious as the sun sets. With lines of themed bars, nightclubs and discos mostly located along the Avinguda Just Marles I Vilarrodona strip. A few of these popular hang-outs include Bumpers which has superb offerings of Caribbean cocktails, Mobys which is frequented by karaoke aficionados and Tropics, where dance grooves and party people meet. From Bustling to Relaxing The Banyoles located north of Girona is a quiet and famous lakeside area. A frequent host for international rowing events, it is also a much loved attraction where guests can meander around, ride a bike or pedal-boat. The waters of Banyoles are also appealing for those who want to swim, cruise or rent boats. The town is filled with old historic buildings including a Benedictine monastery and several historic archeological museums. Girona is considered on of Spains significant historical sites. The ancient ruins are visited by hundreds of tourists each year to view the narrow walkways through old quarters and aged stone houses. The Benedictine monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants and the cathedral are both magnificent and astounding architectural structures that reflect the Catalonian Baroque style of the medieval period. A museum also houses classic art works, relics and rare manuscripts. Other interesting sites include the Arab baths and Jewish quarters. The Rambla de la Llibertat is a place where shoppers can find local and rare souvenirs, antiques and novelties. Cadaques is a local fishing village that attracts plenty of tourists because of its breathtaking and scenic harbor that remains unspoiled. The town is also famous for its exceptional restaurants and cafes, galleries, and local shops. At the Portlligat Bay, north of Cadaques, is the peculiar museum house of Salvador Dali, a world-renowned surrealist painter. The southern slopes of the western Pyrenees can be reached several miles from the coast. Winter skiers take advantage of the snow-covered hills during winter while nature-lovers go for its charming and enthralling views during the summer months. Guests can take the cog railway passing through the quaint Vall de Nuria revealing striking mountain peaks and passes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: