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In the whole process of supervision and control of teaching students to worry about privacy concerns – Sohu education in the issuance of a document clearly the whole process of teaching, some students worry about privacy leaks. A screenshot of the network was issued in October 8th, the document, so that some students worried about Zhongshan University. The name "Zhongshan University on deepening the teaching reform of undergraduate education to improve the quality of personnel training, a number of opinions" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") is put forward in the paper, the whole process of monitoring the implementation of teaching "". Some students questioned their privacy will not be guaranteed. In this regard, a staff member of the Zhongshan University Propaganda Department responded that the future will indeed in all classrooms equipped with monitoring equipment, but the opening and recording are strictly limited, only as a supplementary means of supervision, guarantee the quality of teaching. Event school will monitor the teaching process at 9:30 on October 9th, many students received a number of Zhongshan University WeChat, big Din, the latest push. This is a large number of students in the audience for the public, from time to time to publish some comments on school affairs. This issue of the text, referred to a document called "opinions". Among them, the implementation of the whole process of teaching monitoring, the expression, causing some students rebound. "This is in the classroom every move has been broadcast out, there is privacy?" CUHK School of communication and design, a student questioned the implementation of the whole process monitoring, personal privacy will not be guaranteed. For densely camera classrooms, many students worry about privacy leaks. There is also evidence that the students in the south campus, part of teaching facilities, it has recently added monitoring equipment. Beijing News reporter found that this document was released in September 29th by the president’s office in Zhongshan University, in October 8th issued by the public level marked as active disclosure". This document, nearly 5000 words, on the comprehensive deepening of undergraduate education and teaching reform, improve the quality of personnel training, put forward the views of the 30. Among them, the part of the students questioned, is the twenty-sixth "sound teaching supervision system", "the implementation of the whole process of teaching monitoring" expression. Most of the students questioned, the whole process of "monitoring" is a double-edged sword, on the one hand to strengthen the school teaching quality control efforts, on the other hand, continue to strengthen the monitoring of this, also let the student privacy nowhere to hide. In response to the monitoring equipment for the examination standard of Zhongshan University School of communication and design a student said, after the South Campus classroom will install the camera, but according to his knowledge, usually did not open. In fact, before this, the basic classroom has been installed in each camera." In an interview with the Beijing News reporter, in the Propaganda Department, the staff said, many classrooms usually take Zhongshan University examination function, and monitoring equipment as the examination standard, has its necessity and rationality. The Ministry of Education issued the "national education examination test standardization standards", "national examination" should be "consistent with" the national education examination online inspection system video standard specification ", can monitor the real-time online inspection system image." And equipped with Yu相关的主题文章: