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"First meet" exposure trailers overbearing president Han Dongjun walking textbook "life entertainment Sohu announced the latest" if ever meet Han Dongjun anti warlord strong routine trailers overbearing offensive against Sohu abused entertainment news big drama "love child of my life if ever meet" announced yesterday the latest film, starring Han Dongjun as the Jiasan little easy easy even the surface of Kay, arrogant and despotic glamorous, but stronger, hidden, only weakness is female master Qin sang. The Qin sang seemingly indifferent, everything is a reason. The body is too Han mouth walking overbearing president textbook variety from China and South Korea the trailers are suit to all kinds of Changshan to wearing a navy blue tunic and uniforms, is a famous figure in the clothes rack overbearing president fashion show, and other golf wear casual sweater on different occasions of diversity. More than the Republic fashion show is expected to be more than the president of the naked bare upper body, Han Dongjun integrity, said: all the clothes off the scenes are the story needs. The film, the plot is compact, the relationship between the characters in disc staggered, easy even overbearing president Kay classic lines frequent you Qin sang, I only easily even Kay "," I have never been a woman refused". It seems overbearing but forbear affectionate, gun fighting handsome neat, after crossing the other woman immediately ran to the Qin sang, embrace her, overbearing affectionate burst index table. Han Dongjun’s anti strong offensive anti warlord routine overbearing abused Han Dongjun as the son of warlords easy to battle Jiasan little entropy wins use all sorts of tricks, the three brothers struggled, trailers for easy easy home brother but even Kay asked Qin sang, brother also worked with Yi Liankai drunken v……. This is the same between the brothers to abuse the heart out? Yi Liankai and Qin sang is a country with the enemy difficult to cut out the heart for I SM, Qin sang "you have loved me?" The question, easy even Kay said "I have sad despair! I have!" The field of Sadomasochism climax. User comments: this trend is less than three of all child abuse". There are trailers in Qin sang to ease even Kay shot scenes, plot with changing. At the end of the first meeting for the final, easy to pull even Kai Qin sang run in chaos and fighting crowds, stood out and asked "what is your name?". Meet romantic war years, but it can not escape the fate of the doomed sad child, it is as if the life. For Han Dongjun’s resourceful and overbearing, casual and elegant bearing deep chiplink Kai, the audience have a message "this is Shingo Fumio’s" living ", this routine can walk, the president handed textbooks ah!"   相关的主题文章: