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Workplace-.munication In my 2009 book, Business Decisions!, I discussed the exceptional decision made by Ford in November 2006 to borrow $23.6 billion to get the cash necessary to weather the storm of a potential business downturn. The .pany mortgaged everything, including its logo. It wasnt forced to borrow the money; it made a strategic decision to be prepared. Yesterday, Ford announced that it made a $2.6 billion profit, its fifth consecutive profitable quarter. Its two major domestic .petitors, GM and Chrysler, were forced into bankruptcy. Increasingly, businesses are being separated between those that make good decisions and those that dont. Ford is a good example of what I like to call The Decisive Corporation. The Decisive Corporation knows when and how to make the right strategic and operational decisions throughout its entire enterprise. Like Ford, it makes strategic decisions in anticipation of an opportunity or potential threat. Too many other businesses make decisions only when forced to confront an immediate threat or as part of their annual planning process, which usually only focuses on budgeting decision for the year. They simply overlook or never get around to thinking about the critical strategic decisions. Ford also made other important decisions after Alan Mulally joined the .pany in October 2006. He revamped the organization and some of its major processes to be more decisive. This resulted in getting new products out faster and improving its manufacturing and sales strategies. A leader like Mulally doesnt make all the decisions instead he shapes the business into a Decisive Corporation. Ive recently .pleted research on what makes a Decisive Corporation and will be launching a series of seminars on it in October. It is a .bination of the right organization structure, effective business processes, and the .petencies of groups and individuals to make decisions. Decisive Corporations, such as Ford, will succeed in the future others will flounder or fail in the face of a much less forgiving economy. About the Author: Michael E. McGrath is the creator of the popular Decide Better! decision-making series and bestselling author of Product Strategy for High Tech .panies. His recent book Business Decisions! published in 2009, has been nominated for numerous awards and also won a Bronze Award with ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year. He has appeared on ABC, CNN, CNBC, and FOX Business .work for his expertise. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: