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Affiliate-Revenue If you are an affiliate marketer who has a niche content rich website, you can earn extra in.e by joining the Google AdSense program. Google will display relevant ads on your content pages and PAY YOU every time your site visitors simply ‘click’ one of the ads. They don’t have to buy anything or join any ‘memberships’. All your website visitors have to do is CLICK the ad and YOU get paid! It is easy to get started. Google will set up an account for you and provide you with a code you need for displaying ads. Simply insert the code into the content pages on your website and you can start displaying ads immediately. Google search and page-ranking technology will search for ads that are relevant to your content pages. This technology matches the primary language of your pages and the ads are targeted to your specific geographic location. This means that ads which serve users from United Kingdom, for example, will not be the same ads that appear on your website for users in Argentina. This geotargeting by Google makes the ads relevant to all the visitors to your website regardless of where they reside in the world. In order for your website to be accepted, your site must .ply with Google’s program policies and cannot contain any profanity, prejudicial language, information about hacking, illicit drugs, pornography, gambling or any other material that infringes on the rights of others. The following types of websites are NOT accepted by Google Adsense: 1. About Me Websites Google does not accept personal websites for its AdSense program. The reason for this is that most personal websites do not have a specific theme and are usually just a random collection of information about the websites owner. Google looks for content-based websites that contain a lot of information about a specific topic. The website has to have a central theme to which all the pages refer. 2. Disorganized Websites The websites that are accepted by Google AdSense must be neat and easy for the user to navigate. All the links must work and each page should have a consistent layout. Typing and grammatical errors should be minimal or non-existent. 3. Not enough pages Google prefers acceptable websites to have at least 20 pages. This allows for a significant number of targeted ads to be placed on the website to ensure that both Google and the publisher will make money. 4. Site is not solid A website with nothing but links to other websites is not acceptable as a Google AdSense publishing website. You must have enough CONTENT to make your website valuable to the visitor. 5. Website is not optimized to receive traffic If your website is not optimized to receive many visitors, then it will be hard to generate any kind of in.e through Google AdSense. 6. Website violates policies of Google AdSense Before submitting an application, read the terms of use policies carefully to ensure that your website meets all of the requirements. The good news is once you’re approved you can display AdSense on all of your websites, so long as they .ply with Google’s policies. In conclusion, Google Adsense program can bring passive in.e to a content rich websites. If you have one, contact Google to get started. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: