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Business Thinking of starting a personal blog? Then the first thing you need is a reliable web host that offers inexpensive packages. A blog is a simple website. So you don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars just to host the site. Here is how to choose the appropriate host for your personal blog. Tip 1: Choose wordpress as your blogging platform. Tip 2: Sign up for cpanel hosting. Tip 3: Reputation counts. Tip 4: Great support. Tip 1: Choose wordpress as your blogging platform. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the Internet today. You can sign up for a free blog if you want, but that is a little risky. There are horror stories of enthusiastic bloggers having their blogs deleted without warning. There goes their years of hard work and hundreds of web content – ouch! Therefore, I highly re.mend that you host your own blog with your own domain and on your own servers. You own the site, and nobody can delete it without your permission. WordPress is an open source platform that is free to download. You can install it in a few minutes if you choose the right hosting plan (see below). Tip 2: Sign up for cpanel hosting. There is Windows hosting, and then there is Linux hosting. WordPress can work on both. But since WordPress is primarily written in PHP, it works better when it is on a Linux server. Therefore, always choose CPanel over Windows if your intention is to create a WordPress blog. In the control panel, there is a feature known as Fantastico. Using this feature, you can install WordPress without having to download or upload anything. It’s click and go. Just a few clicks, enter you preferred admin password, and the blog is setup. Tip 3: Reputation counts. When signing up for hosting, don’t sign up with a .pany that you have heard little about. They may be small-time service providers who are offering unprofessional services. You want to go with a .pany that has been in this business for years. The reputation would have been spread around forums and blogs. Only sign up if you keep .ing across great reviews. The overall rating should be above 90% (the remaining 10% are those that won’t be happy no matter what the .pany does). Tip 4: Great support. You don’t want to sign up with a .pany that ignores you after you have made payment. When your blog goes live, problems may arise. For instance, the email is not getting sent out for some reason. So you need to check with the support department to see what’s wrong. Hosting .panies used to outsource all the support. But this doesn’t work because the support department doesn’t have the tools to rectify the problems on the spot. But this has changed in recent years. The better .panies offer both email and live chat support. The department has the software and tools to assists customers on the spot. Your aim is to identify such .panies to sign up with. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: