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Health The matter of positive thinking has be.e absolutely widespread and it would be hard to find someone that has not read at least something on the subject matter. Just about every able person knows about the perks of positive thinking. But how many of us are applying the positive thinking concept in our day to day life regularly? ordinarily we flip through a book on positive thinking, get inspired and then after few weeks –most of the time only after few days, go back to our usual order of thinking. Why are we not taking positive thinking as our way of life? Is this process of thinking very difficult to take on, or is it that our life and people around us are so negative that it is almost hopeless for an person to be.e positive and stay so? Really if you contemplate about it, people really do not cling with this positive-thinking approach. Why? Mainly Because of two reasons. we fail to understand the essence of the inner workings of positive thinking and apply it in a wrong way. People want lightning fast results and when people do not see any perceptible benefit with in a period of 2 -3 days they loose interest. And progressively their usual thought pattern returns back. 80% of the thoughts of an everyday person are negative. When we start thinking positively we just adapt to a new course of thought –which is positive– with all our unpositive thoughts. I will get the raise easily. This is a conscious thought stream. But in the evening returning home from work we keep thinking unpositivly and how difficult it is going to be. This unpositive thought .es to our mind .pulsorily (unconsciously). We process this thought with lots of unpositive emotion. And all these happen without our being knowledgeable of what we are doing. To free the full power of positive thinking we have to arrest and kill negative thought process. It is not hard and with practice it easier. So how do we get speedy results from our positive thinking efforts. To be fair their is no accelerated way to see results overnight. When used properly positive thinking has the power to do wonders in your life. The best thing to do is get started. After that stay immersed and the results will .e. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: