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How to Manage Your Business Money Like A Millionaire – Webinar Invitation – Presented by BizWebTV Hi, Sandra Simmons here from Money Management Solutions to share one of the key missing steps that you need to do to manage your money like a millionaire does. First, let me tell you that successful business money management is a very simple science. That means that there is a simple formula to follow, and if you follow the exact formula, it yields a specific, and predictable result. Millionaires know and use this money management formula for one purpose, and that is to direct the use of their money, to control their financial future in order to reach their personal financial goals. The first fundamental of successful business money management is deceptively simple. What is it? It is…Make more money than you spend. The second fundamental is: Direct the use of the money you do make in a specific way to make even more money. How do you do that? The fast answer is, learn and use the rest of the business money management formula I’ve designed a simple system that automates learning and using the formula that saves you a lot of time trying to figure this all out for yourself. It shows you exactly how to use your business in.e each week to steadily progress towards achieving your specific financial goals •Increasing your .pany’s in.e •Cutting waste and paying off all debt •Making bigger profits •Making every dime of in.e make more money for you •And achieving long term wealth It’s a simple, proven system that works. That’s been verified by thousands of business owners. Here’s the thing…Most business owners are behind the 8 ball – scrambling to pay last week’s or last month’s bills with this week’s in.e. A few are on top of the 8-ball. Just keeping up with paying this week’s bills with this week’s in.e. Only 1 out of 20 is ahead of the 8-ball and is using this week’s in.e to pay next month’s bills, to invest in the expansion of their business, and in future long-term wealth building activities. Our system, spells out the exact steps to get you to here – in front of the 8-ball – thinking and planning in futures so you are in control of your financial future It is a law of nature that the achievement of success starts with a decision to achieve a specific goal, followed by taking the actions necessary to achieve the goal. So I want you to do 2 things: One, decide that YOU are going to be the one who directs the use of your business money instead of being controlled by how much money is in your bank account. And 2, start learning this system by accepting my VIP invitation to attend a FREE, live, one night only, online coaching webinar. I’ll be there live sharing the basics of the rest of the formula you can use to take charge of your financial future in 45 days or less, and Make Your Business Recession-Proof. I think you will like what you’re going to see…how to increase your in.e and how to direct the use of your money so you take charge of your financial future. I’ll tell you a secret about the private clients I work with all over the world that pay thousands to keep me on retainer – they are not worried about the economy, and they sleep really good at night because they aren’t worried about money. I’ll show you the basic fundamentals of the system we use that make this happen. And I’ll share with you the results that some of our business owners have gotten by using it, so I think you’re going to love it. You can simply visit the link below to accept your invitation, register to attend, and claim your spot before this limited attendance webinar fills up. We’d love to see you there. 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