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Mobile-Cell-Phone Ensure the base station is plugged into an electrical outlet. Place the cordless phone into the base station. The keypad should be facing outward. The charging connectors on the bottom of the phone should align with the connectors on the base station. Allow the phone to charge until the battery is fully charged. Depending on the brand and model you own, there may be a charging indicator light that indicates when the phone is charging and when charging is .plete. If your phone does not have this function or you are unsure how it works, you can check the battery status by turning on the phone. Locate the battery icon. The battery will contain bars that indicate how full, or how charged, the battery is. A battery that is .pletely shaded in is .pletely charged; an icon that is not .pletely shaded is not fully charged Plug your cordless phone’s dock into a wall outlet. Find a wall outlet that is convenient for the use of the phone and that isn’t near water or other liquids, as these can cause dangerous electrical discharges. Charge your cordless phone using the wall charger frequently. Do not wait until you run out of power on the phone to charge, as this can damage the battery. Store your phone in as cool and dry a place as possible to maintain battery life. You may keep it near the phone charger, but avoid placing it on the charger, as this uses up more battery power. Plug your standard wall charger into an outlet, then plug the other end of the wall charger into your phone. It should be a perfect fit if you are using the adapter that came with your phone. Wait for the battery to recharge. Unlike cordless phones, you can wait until the battery is virtually gone to charge it so that you can achieve maximum run time. But be aware that you cannot keep your phone plugged in, as this will run down the battery. Use an external battery charger to charge your cell phone battery. An alternative to the wall charger is an external battery charger, which can be found online for minimal costs. Remove the battery from your cell phone and match the metal contact terminals on your phone battery to the prongs on the external phone charger. If there are more than two terminals on your battery, place the prongs on the two outermost terminals. Press the "Test" button to determine if your battery’s negative and positive terminals are properly aligned. The CON button will light up if your terminals are properly aligned. If they are properly aligned, skip the next step. If the CON light did not .e on, press the "Switch" button to switch the polarity; on most models, it is the button furthest to the right. The light should turn on now, but if not, remove the prongs and place them on two different terminals on the cell phone battery. Repeat this until the light .es on. Insert the external cell phone battery charger into a wall outlet with the battery still inside. There may be several lights on your charger indicating what stage of charging the battery it is in. Be sure to remove the charger and battery from the wall outlet once it reaches the final stage of charging. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: