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Data-Recovery It seems as if all of us are obsessed with passwords. Encrypting important files is often obligatory in situations when we fear an imminent data theft case or an unauthorized access of our valuable information by any intruder, that can cause a real panic in our personal and professional lives. Passwords are always considered as an easy solution to all these problems. But these passwords are usually complex and are easily forgotten by people who are inclined to set a new password each time they want to encrypt or protect their essential data files. For instance, you set a password to one of your large-sized ZIP files that includes archived excel sheets containing your company’s confidential information. Now if you forget the password of this file, you may make all your vital data inaccessible. To get over this problem of lost password, you need an efficient archive password recovery solution. You may set a long complicated password to your ZIP file and feel relaxed of becoming a victim of any data security breach. But if you are unable to recall the password at the right time, you may land into a big trouble. People don’t have a habit of saving a copy/backup of these passwords in a separate location in their system. So they are unable to access their password-protected files, if they lose these passwords. In such circumstances, you should go for password recovery through any reliable third-party utility. In case of ZIP files, you can take help of a ZIP password recovery software. These software usually include substantial features to easily recover the lost or forgotten password of your zipped or archived file in any situation. They not only provide you with several masking options, but also maintain an inbuilt dictionary of all recovered ZIP passwords. These additional features help to speed-up the password recovery process. Stellar Phoenix Archive Password Recovery is a comprehensive utility that recovers lost or forgotten password of any file archived using WinZip versions 8.x to 14.x. It first searches the password in its self-maintained dictionary of all recovered passwords and then employs a brute force technique to recover the ZIP passwords not found in the dictionary. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: