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Web-Hosting Knowing what your .petitors are doing is one of the secrets of success in business. However, using the advantages of web hosting is a major step of out-smarting them. But how more of hosting secrets do you know? Having a hosted website is not a guarantee of your online success. It is disheartening to see some people who go to sleep after hosting their websites, waiting for overnight success. It doesn’t work like that; you must work your way to the top. How then can you use web hosting to beat your .petitors to the game? You must carefully choose your domain name. It must be keyword rich in order to enhance its chances on search engines. A keyword-rich site receives good ranking from search engines. On the other hand, you may consider choosing a domain name in line with your brand name. But choose a name that is not difficult to write, read or remember. Moreover, your website must be skillfully designed. If you don’t have an attractive design, your prospects would not be encouraged to stay glued to your site. Use attractive images and because of free images online, they might damage your reputation. You must pay attention to little details like font size, colours, logo, buttons, slogan, description, etc. First impression lasts longer. The first yardstick that your site visitors will use to judge you is your design which is your image. Automate your marketing with a good auto responder so that you can send series of follow-up emails to your prospects mechanically. There are free and paid auto responders online, you can choose the most appropriate for you. One of the strategies of online marketing success is to get an auto responder to do follow-up on your prospects. Automation of various processes is one of the benefits of having a website. Also, web statistics tool is very vital for your website if you want to stay ahead of .petitors. It will enable you to know your website’s performance and use it as a yardstick for planning. You will have access to information like your visitors’ locations, the links they came from, their entry and exit pages, the number of minutes spent on your site, the outbound links they clicked on your site, etc. In a nutshell, web stat is your website’s score card. Lastly, you must carry out a search engine optimization for your site. This means that you must position your website for good ranking with search engines. It is one of the ways of generating massive traffic online. If you are conversant with SEO tactics, you can do it yourself but if not, there are many SEO experts out there for you to hire. There are some web hosting .panies that are also involved in search engine optimization. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: