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Huang Lei talk about cosmetic male guests: the new network, the best actors are not cosmetic face – due to their appearance in the inferiority and keen on cosmetic male guests on the evening of 17 on Jiangsu TV’s "edge to If You Are The One", set off a debate about cosmetic topics, Meng Fei, Huang Lei, Huang Lansan, a teacher to think. "This is not a complete look at the face of the era, the focus should be on to enrich themselves, allow yourself to become stronger, and thus gain heartfelt confidence." Just graduated from the Xia Kebo work in Beijing now, every day to go to work nine to five life, simple and plain. He always feels inferior to his appearance, "because he is ugly, my girlfriend left me. Maybe Yao will lose to you, but they can not give up. Face to the father and mother, but eventually his. I decided to rely on plastic surgery to change the life, as long as you can become handsome, how do." In short, a number of years, Xia Kebo has received a double eyelid plasty, chin plasty, hyaluronic acid augmentation, Panasonic Pakistan, Botox thin face several plastic surgery, immediately triggered a debate about the topic of plastic surgery. Some female guests think he is courageous, "dare not only, but also in the presence of so many people say"; also some female guests can not accept that, "a little exaggerated, a boy should not make too much of their looks, but also so frequently do plastic." Xia Kebo responded: "many people say that the appearance of men is not important, it is for successful people. For ordinary boys, Yan value is very important. I have a lot of confidence after cosmetic surgery, life has changed a lot. I give myself now looks 80 points, but the distance from the ideal of the mind as well as a fixed gap. If conditions permit, the future does not rule out plastic surgery will continue to make up for the deficiencies of the next." Three teachers to think, this is not a complete look at the face of the times, there are many ways to enhance self-confidence, in addition to the value of Yan and knowledge and ability. Male guests should focus on the construction of their own, enrich themselves, so that they become strong, and thus gain the confidence from the heart." Huang Lei suggested that after the male guests can not be the whole, a lot of things are more important than good-looking. Like our entertainment, the best recognized by the actors are not cosmetic face, but by the Department of the Ministry of the work to convince the audience, to win the audience’s favorite." Huang Lan believes that "should be to create a social atmosphere, and don’t let people mistakenly believe that this is a look at the face of the era, have cut – Yan values, to let you feel what kind of people can be accepted, what kind of people can be respected, not only to emphasize. The value of the aspects of characteristics." Meng Fei said, I think a harmonious society should abandon all of the discrimination, including geographical discrimination, academic discrimination, face discrimination, etc.. On the emotional side, the two people in the long life of marriage, the value of the impact is almost negligible." (Zhang Yi)相关的主题文章: