HUAWEI OEM Google 7 inches pixel tablet with 4GB memory (video) noreply

HUAWEI OEM Google 7 inch Pixel tablet 4GB memory with Tencent digital news (blue) although HTC this year will be the exclusive OEM two Google Pixel series mobile phone, but this does not mean that HUAWEI has lost Google OEM power equipment. According to said in a twitter message to the latest disclosure according to the great God broke @evleaks, HUAWEI will Google OEM a tablet computer, equipped with a 7 Inch Touch screen and has 4GB of memory, is expected to formally meet with us before the end of this year. Will push the 7 inch tablet by HTC foundry Google Pixel new machine will soon meet with us, but it seems to be ready for a new tablet, to supplement last year’s 10 inch Google Pixel C tablet camp. According to the God @evleaks broke the news on twitter said the latest disclosure, HUAWEI is developing a new tablet computer for Google, will be equipped with 7 inches touch screen and has 4GB of memory, is expected to be on sale before the end of this year. However, @evleaks did not disclose more details of the tablet PC, but is expected to be the last year Google 10 inches tablet Pixel C supplement. At the same time as HUAWEI had already applied for the "Huawei 7P" trademark, so the tablet is expected may eventually be named "Pixel 7P", but will simultaneously debut with two Google Pixel new machine in the October 4th conference, temporarily no definite news. Equipped with Android 7.1 system, it is worth mentioning that, for the two Google Pixel series of new machines upcoming, well-known person broke @LlabTooFeR said on twitter, the two HTC foundry new machine will be equipped with Android 7.1 (NMR1) system. However, the information obtained from the current point of view, Android 7.1 does not seem to be particularly worth looking forward to the new features and new features, but only a stable version of Android 7 based on it. But there is news that the Android 7.1 system is expected to be revised and improved error, adding new desktop launcher, increase the daydream platform of Google, enhanced support for Android Wear, and the API level to 25. Of course, this also means that before the end of the debut of HUAWEI 7 inches Google tablet will also be equipped with a new version of the system debut. In addition, perhaps because LG V20 will debut the first Android 7 system reason, so the rumors Google Pixel series of new machine release date postponed to October release, and equipped with Android 7.1 system to meet with us. "E minutes" 160905:Nexus changed its name to Pixel? IPhone 4 will stop all support life boring good boring? Every day, too tired to be hollowed out? The old driver to take you back up again, cool cool new ways to stop, quickly focus on the Tencent WeChat digital Officer (ID:qqdigi) No.相关的主题文章: