I have the position I am proud daily Tucao why not buy iphone7 embarrassed cashmere mafia

I have the position I am proud embarrassed Tucao: why not buy daily iPhone7 [Sina game series, please indicate the source] destroyed three concept breaking limit no stem gathered, working day update, introduced the new thing on earth, at the same time bring funny figure Tucao and the best quality of the most incisive! The most fresh pose as in the "Daily" embarrassed tucao! Buy a mobile phone, iPhone 6S cheap – buy a mobile phone to send to send milk, not faze! I’m not going to buy iPhone7, there are four main reasons: 1 raised the camera too ugly, can not accept this kind of anti human aesthetic; 2 wireless headset is not convenient to carry, easy to be lost; 3 waterproof design will be deprived of freedom of thought when I take a shower of the time; 4 no money. IPhone7 cancel the headset interface, after the loss of the headset how to do? So industrious and intelligent working people invented the Sony: you have ugly machine leucorrhea. Apple: not now. Sony: I am worth high waterproof. Apple: three da. Sony: I shot the camera. Apple: I double lens 2 times optical zoom digital zoom 10 times. Sony: I have good quality. Apple: my stereo. Sony: can I say something else? Apple: Well, applause, please Miyamoto Shige. To the black evil forces shake shake and Taylor broke up, I think that Taylor should be renamed teddy. When breaking up, mold to shake Sen said: "as my ex boyfriend, I married you must come?" Sen: "no, I’m afraid I can’t sit down."." Look forward to the next song of mildew with Chinese elements – Gao Xiaosong is also a former boyfriend? In the water, yellow Lycopodium powder (composed of Lycopodium spores) exhibited good hydrophobic properties. The researchers speculate that the water resistance can prevent them from clumping together, allowing the lighter spores to spread better. Well, that is not to replace TT. Now the solar term is white dew, is to remind the girls to put white thighs exposed, not exposed to wear long johns. No longer believe in the world – the pre – entry photos, work for two years to become such a place to determine the prosperity of the standard is the number of free WiFi. When Newton was 23 years old, he knew gravity, and I knew it when I was only five. Tiannu beast, full line: when I was a little pupil bachibuzhu when the central station first broadcast journey to the west, the last episode of the day I was very sad, thought I never see, when the song I was crying in front of the TV knock heads…… Three the first of her life illusion for me – even my last my bestie derailed her and she found a happy three people have no sense of life together these circumstances want a good American Robert · Xiao Ming a total of three brothers, they are red hair and blue eyes, black hair is only Xiaoming black eyes. Xiao Ming’s father was dying, his deathbed, Xiaoming her mother a person called to the bedside,.相关的主题文章: