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Personal-Tech Almost as universal as the dilemma of whether to buy a house or rent, and with an equal number of factors for and against each decision, is the decision between buying an inkjet and laser printer! Each type of printer has its own ups, its own downs, its varying capital and ongoing costs for ink cartridges , laser toner, etc. However, they are not the same by any measure there is certainly a best type of printer for you, according to your printing habits. We help you find it! How much printing do you do? One of the simplest ways to understand the difference between inkjet and laser printers is in terms of initial cost versus ongoing cost though remember that there are plenty more things to consider before you’ll be able to properly determine which one will be best for you in the long run. Laser printers have a high ongoing cost and a lower cost-per-page laser toner goes further per page. Inkjet printers have a lower initial cost and a higher cost per page inkjet cartridges don’t print as many pages before emptying. Obviously, if you do a lot of printing, the laser printer will quickly repay your initial investment in terms of lower per-page pricing. For example, an inkjet printer costs around $60 at entry level, with a corresponding cost per page of around 16c. A laser printer costs around $150 at entry level, with a corresponding cost per page of around 2c. If you do a lot of printing,, the other factor to consider is that inkjet printers move much more slowly than laser printers you’ll be waiting for a while for your print jobs to .e out. What type of documents or graphics do you print? If you mostly print: Many pages of black and white text: A laser printer will suit you best but remember that if you want to print in colour at any stage, laser printers that can handle the function are inordinately expensive. You may want a cheap inkjet as well as the laser, for the occasional colour page. Digital photos: Inkjets are best able to reproduce photographs realistically colour laser printers are usually out of range of the home user, and inkjet cartridges can spit out some pretty photorealistic images! A range of documents from a small office: Offices are best served with a multifunction inkjet printer, with copier, scanner and fax but cheapies are to be avoided. What media do you need to print on? If you need to print on the fronts of DVDs and CDs, inkjets are usually your only option. However you could consider buying a personal laser printer to keep up with black and white printing, as well as an inkjet that only prints DVDs and CDs. Questions to ask about both inkjet and laser printers No matter which sort of printer you decide is best for you, there are several questions you should ask the retailer before you buy: How many pages will a laser toner or inkjet cartridges print for me? How much does a laser toner or inkjet cartridge cost? What paper size can it handle? How long is the warranty? How many dots per inch does it print? (This gives you an idea of how detailed your photos and images will .e out) How many pages per minute does it print? How does it interface with my .puter? All of these questions, along with the information from your usage above, should give you a pretty good idea of which type of printer will be best for you. Of course, the range of inkjets and lasers varies considerably for different applications but that’s a question for another day! About the Author: Cartridgemate…au offers a wide range of inkjet printer cartridges and laser toner supplies at seriously discounted prices. You can save up to 70% on inflated retail shop prices. For more information or to view our products, visit Ink Cartridges Article Published On: – – – – If you have the opportunity, go over to their house and take a appear at the occupation firsthand. Now take a sprayer and pour the roof thatch sealer into it. No one would ever know they were there! Feel free to visit my blog .mercial Roofing .pany in Woodbridge – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: