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Self-Improvement Interpersonal .munication is something most of us do on a daily basis, although we may not be aware that is what it is called. Interpersonal .munication differs from other forms of .munication in various ways. It is also very important in development. The following list outlines what interpersonal .munication is and what some of the characterizes are. It also explains why we need it. 1. What is it? Interpersonal .munication involves a close group of participants. It is basically the everyday conversations you carry on and it includes speeches, general friendly exchanges, arguments and basically anytime you speak to someone. 2. How is it different than other forms of .munication? Interpersonal .munication involves face to face encounters. You are talking in person not over a .puter, phone or through written information. You can get immediate responses. You are also able to benefit from body language. You hear a voice where you can pick up on different dialects and speech patterns. 3. How does interpersonal .munication vary? The variances in interpersonal .munication involve the people and situations. You .municate differently with someone you know well verses a stranger. You will have different topics of conversation when talking to your preacher or your best friend. These variations make interpersonal .munication flexibility important for difference circumstances. 4. How do we use interpersonal .munication? We use interpersonal .munication for a variety of reasons. You use it to learn new information, such as when asking questions. You use it to share information, such as when telling a story. You use it to define yourself, such as when giving a speech. You also use it to fulfill the natural need for contact with other people. Interpersonal .munication is how we develop from infant to adult. We learn about different cultures and languages through interpersonal .munication as well. It gives you a human element, a real nature that other forms of .munication can not provide. 5. Why is interpersonal .munication important? Interpersonal .munication is important because you need it to develop throughout the stages of life. You get so much from interpersonal .munication. You learn, teach and get an identity through interpersonal .munication. You also share with others who you are. You need interpersonal .munication to learn how to pronounce words correctly, how to speak properly in certain situations and how to .municate in general. Interpersonal .munication has taken a back seat to other forms of .munication in recent years. More people than ever are using the internet to exchange information and make contact with others. We must also be sure to keep interpersonal .munication in our lives. 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