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Travel-and-Leisure Jodhpur holiday packages introduce one to the historic heritage, opulence of regal era and the richness of cultural exuberance of Rajasthan. Tucked away on an edge of Thar Desert, Jodhpur is an imperial city which echoes sagas of lovelorn princesses and heroic battles. The graceful palaces, temple and forts are strewn throughout the city which brings alive the grandeur are well-preserved even till today and continue to impress and enchant its visitors. All Jodhpur holiday packages are laden with cultural buffet, opulent architecture and art forms and sensual smells of spices to avail an intriguing travel experience to the culture, art and architecture lover. The town with its sandy backdrop though has a harsh and climate, but it always .e across as a highly hospitable place with tourists pouring in from all across. On Jodhpur holidays thus choices for ac.modation, travel and cuisines crosses all bounds and all that remains is a historic experience worth cherishing for life. Some of the stunning edifices situated in the town always makes their place in the list of must visit in Jodhpur these are: Mehrangarh Fort : Located in the heart of the city, Mehrangarh Fort overlooks the rest of the town from a hillock. It is one of the largest forts in India and is situated at about 400 feet above the city thus is visible from all parts of the town. The fort is a majestic settlement enclosed by imposing thick walls. Its premises are decked with several beauteous palaces which are exquisitely done with intricate carvings and expanded courtyards and porches. It has seven grand facades which were built by Maharaja Man Singh to .memorate his victories over Jaipur and Bikaner armies. A significant feature of all Jodhpur Holiday Packages , Mehrangarh Fort is a fabulous edifice. Osiyan Temple : This is an ancient temple situated about 60 km from the main city. The temple belongs to the people of Jain faith which dates back to 8th to 11th centuries. The exquisite temple is situated in the middle of several impressive temples of the same age which belong to Jain and Hindu religions. These temples are not just significant religious sites, but also are renowned for their mesmerizing architecture and thus are important part of all Jodhpur holidays. Umaid Bhawan Palace : The sight of Umaid Bhawan Palace would surely give goosebumps to all those lovers of history and architecture. Its grand size, elegant infrastructure and enchanting view always impress the onlooker with the very first sight. Now a part of the palace is managed by Taj Hotel group and thus one not just dream of living inside it, but can actually live kingly excesses at this magnificent royal mansion. The palace is situated at the highest location in Jodhpur on Chittar Hill and has continued to be a reason of raising surprise and delight for decades. Hundreds of art, culture, architecture and history fanatics are opting for this colorful Jodhpur Holiday Packages and they all experience magnificence and splendor of the best kind in the erstwhile kingly town. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: