Junichi Watanabe museum was shocked by the acquisition of Chinese state-owned enterprises in Japan neogeo.zip

Junichi Watanabe’s Literary Museum is the acquisition of state-owned enterprises from all walks of life in Japan – China shocked Beijing [global network reported correspondent in Japan blue song of Solomon Chinese] economy, publishing culture industry also need to go abroad to promote Chinese culture, also learn from the experience of other countries. Recently, China’s publishing industry moves out of the country constantly, in which the Japanese literary master Junichi Watanabe Literary Museum was acquired by state-owned enterprises, extraordinary, but also shocked all walks of life in japan. In September 20th, in Tokyo, Humen, held a Chinese and foreign media attracted a celebration. Qingdao Publishing Group acquisition of the Japanese Literary Museum handover ceremony was held in Junichi Watanabe. Chinese ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua, Cultural Counselor Chen Zheng of the successful merger of congratulations, it is significant to the acquisition. The president of Japan Chinese Friendship Association Tanba Yuichiro, renowned master Ando Tadao sent a congratulatory message, said the acquisition will help in the development of cultural exchange. Japan’s NHK television station, Kyodo news agency, Yonhap news agency reports have come to attend primary school, museum. Junichi Watanabe’s family and came to participate in a friendly. Chinese and Japanese people from all walks of life attended the ceremony. Qingdao publishing group, Qingdao Publishing Group Chairman Meng Mingfei said, over the years has been the cultural exchange between China and Japan as an important publication location, the introduction of the publication of a transition edge most famous Japanese writer. Will "China" of acupuncture history and many Chinese delicacy books exported to Japan, to promote cultural communication and understanding between the two peoples. He also told reporters that "the copyright is a bridge of Sino Japanese cultural exchange is very good, but also to promote understanding between the peoples of the carrier and path and mutual trust, with this opportunity, we will strengthen the Japanese literature publishing work, and explore the new mode of Chinese culture to go abroad". Mrs. Watanabe for the transfer is very hard, very concerned about the before and China direct negotiation. Finally, said: "the Museum of literature to the Qingdao publishing group, I am very confident, Mr. Watanabe, if you know that there will be more people here, will be very pleased." Former Japanese ambassador to China, Tanba Yuichiro, President of the Japan China Friendship Association, said, looking forward to taking over the Qingdao Publishing Group (Junichi Watanabe) as an opportunity to further expand cultural exchanges between Japan and china. I wish the handover will help deepen mutual understanding between the two peoples and promote the development of bilateral relations." A Tadao, a famous international master of design, also said, "I hope (Junichi Watanabe) can become a Literary Museum at the core of the Sino Japanese cultural exchanges in a new place." Junichi Watanabe is a famous Literary Museum designed by Ando Tadao design, the museum is located in Hokkaido Sapporo City, central Japan island park, three on the ground floor, ground floor, a total construction area of about 1300 square meters. The museum was built in 1998, the Japanese real estate formerly King paper co.. The museum displays Mr. Watanabe’s manuscripts, books and information, is a very unique cultural sites. Qingdao publishing group through a comprehensive take over, it will be turned into a place where Chinese and Japanese culture, but also through the Chinese culture to go out of the country, Japan and even the world to understand China’s window. Junichi Watanabe plays in Japanese literature.相关的主题文章: