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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Kate Middleton, the fiance of Prince William of Wales, is going to be a full-fledged princess in April of 2011, when the marriage between the two is currently scheduled. One of the more popular princesses (soon-to-be-princesses), it is about time that doll makers have made Kate Middleton dolls as part of their princess dolls offerings. As such, collectors of dolls can now secure their Kate princess doll to add to their collection too. The soon-to-be princess is already known for her good taste in fashion, and it is only fitting that the dolls made in her image should also sport the same dresses she is famous for wearing. This makes these princess dolls a great addition to any collection. Of course, the clothes that these Kate Middleton dolls wear are not the only details that doll makers have to take into consideration when designing and making them. Her face should also be copied down to the minutest detail. The more detailed these dolls are, the higher price they would fetch. For serious collectors of princess dolls, though, the price is immaterial especially if the princess doll is made to look just like her. Even people who may not have heard about Kate Middleton would appreciate the beauty of the dolls made in her image especially those dolls done by expert craftsmen. Of course, there are Kate Middleton dolls made using the latest technology available today and if they are of high quality, princess doll collectors would no doubt appreciate their beauty. These Kate Middleton dolls are not only designed to be added to a collection of dolls inspired by real-life princesses, but can also be added to a collection of princess dolls no matter what the inspiration for the doll may be as long as the central theme is about princesses. Even with the wedding set in April, collectors can already find Kate Middleton dolls available online today. Buying one would therefore make any collector proud of his or her collection especially once Kate and Prince William of Wales are finally married. You can then display your Kate Middleton doll during the wedding as a sign of your support for them. With many doll makers making their own version of Kate Middleton dolls, it would help to do some research to see which dealer offers the best quality princess doll at the best price. Of course, you need to look into the appearance of these dolls to judge which one would fit your princess doll collection best. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: