Li Mao’s sister was married boss kissing someone’s man has been dismissed in Beijing verbal jint

Li Mao’s sister was married boss kissing someone’s man has been dismissed – Beijing, Li Mao micro-blog. In new network on 14 September, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud reported that the mainland singer had to love "," to a "coastal area" became popular in Taiwan in January, and the mainland actor Li Mao entered the hall, half a year after birth to baby boy, officially upgraded a new mother; and her husband Li Mao day before exposing the sister was the boss harassment. By visiting the name, accusing each other for harassment, although the sister for fear of work to avoid, he still decided to jump out of the public all of this, and the next day will be in the charge of the next release. Li Mao said 11 sister just graduated from University, enter a company internship, because my sister the day before because of an eye injury at home, "the name of different departments, only met 2 times" the boss is trying to hold strong, by visiting by kissing his sister, although this has been attempted, but he said to my sister the hearts of great harm, and the information requirements of spontaneous Pro boss penned face apology, but the other party has denied. In addition, he also revealed that when talking with each other, I heard a child crying, speculated that the other side is a husband, and therefore can not understand this behavior. Then he put all the content of the dialogue on the Internet, and hope that the company can pay attention to this problem. After just one day after the next day, Li Mao received the company’s reply, that the boss was finally dismissed the news, pleased and issued a document to all the thanks, and thanks for the company to make decisive, impartial, strict and resolute decision, attracted many users a message praising "give the results like 1000 may, women can get more respect, although sometimes adhere to justice, to not be absent", "great, this is the positive energy, a lot of discussion on the network.相关的主题文章: