Lionrock struck closed – Sohu in primary and secondary schools in Jilin Yanbian news

Lionrock incoming closed – Sohu Xinhua News Agency Changchun in August 30, primary and secondary schools in Jilin Yanbian (reporter Guo Xiang) by Lionrock, heavy rainfall occurred in Jilin Prefecture of Yanbian province. Hunchun, Tumen and other places have been ahead of the transfer of hazardous areas 2146 people, for some counties in primary and secondary schools. 29 afternoon, the typhoon "Lion Rock" periphery nephsystem in Jilin Province, a large amount of precipitation in eastern china. According to the Jilin provincial meteorological department data, as of 30 am, there are 41 monitoring stations in the process of precipitation of more than 100 mm, of which the maximum rainfall of 168.5 mm (). Currently, 8 counties (cities) in Yanbian has started flood emergency response level III, Hunchun, Tumen and other places in advance of the transfer of dangerous areas of the masses of 2146 people. School and kindergarten in Hunchun, 30 days, 31 days suspended, Wangqing County Primary and secondary schools and kindergartens from 30 onwards plan closed for 3 days. The 30 day at 16:15, Jilin meteorological observatory issued a Red Rainstorm warning, the next 24 hours, Yanbian, Yanji, Tumen, Hunchun, and Longjing, there will still be 30-60 mm of precipitation. Jilin Sheng Fangzhi urged relevant departments to enter the "state of war", starting from the most unfavorable situation, fully aware of the severe impact of typhoon, typhoon and is closely monitoring the situation, strengthen monitoring and warning, issued a disaster warning information in a timely manner, all kinds of rescue teams to be on standby, ready to fight. Typhoon "lion mountain" has reached the northeastern part of Honshu, japan. Jilin Provincial Meteorological Department expects the "Lion Rock" across Japan, the westward movement, the strength to continue to weaken, will be 31 in the morning to the junction of the northeast of Jilin province and Heilongjiang Province, and then the typhoon weakened into an extratropical cyclone degeneration, and moved west into Jilin province.相关的主题文章: