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From the tournament to see the development of sports lottery market elements are active in sports events at all levels – Sohu in the country organized fitness activities, domestic and international sports competitions and sports activities on campus, are active in the lottery figure. Among them, the 2016 Asian Games "lottery Cup" China? Hangzhou tenth Qiandao Lake international road cycling race and 2016 Chinese river around the city of Shaoxing International Marathon classic series of canoeing from many countries and regions of the athletes. Provincial and municipal fitness activities and sports activities on campus, is named not lottery support. In recently, provincial and municipal competition of various forms of lottery number of fitness games and competition held in Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong and other places. Lottery to be on the part of the title support activities, to no title of the activities in various forms to participate, to provide services for the participants. Guangdong:   participated in a number of public events; on October 26th to 28, the Guangdong Province second session of hundred thousand street town of table tennis in Jieyang division game held in Rongcheng stadium, the tournament title by lottery lotto, the city’s total of 14 teams participate in the competition, a group of men’s groups, women’s groups of villages and towns, streets were the men’s team the women’s team, four projects. In October 25th, the first "Jieyang Puning lottery Lotto Cup Men’s Amateur Basketball League held many events in Puning Township, which lasted more than a month. Not only for the top Gung scraping the tournament back, also launched scraping receive the exquisite gift activities, the scene attracted many people to participate in. October 16th, 2016 Guangdong (Qingyuan Fogang) mountain bike open in the field of Fogang green world tourism. According to incomplete statistics, the number of spectators on the day of the race to reach 30 thousand people. The mountain bike open is the first large-scale mountain bike race held in Guangdong. Fogang county is located in the central part of Guangdong Province, which is one of the regions with rapid economic development in Guangdong County, with a good ecological environment, to create a subtropical green track and mountain bike ecological park. The event attracted a total of more than 300, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, including all over the country riding enthusiasts registration. The event could be seen everywhere lottery lottery symbol elements, has become a beautiful landscape field. Jiangsu: volunteer service on October 29th to 30 for the sports festival, CO sponsored by Zhenjiang City Sports Center and other units of the "Jiangsu Province in 2016 the elderly Sports Festival venue in Zhenjiang the first closing ceremony and the city’s elderly Gas Volleyball Tournament start ceremony" was held in the gymnasium of Zhenjiang city. Zhenjiang sports lottery center the whole power of the event, volunteer service. The theme of this event is "consciously participate in fitness, share healthy and happy". October 29th at 9 in the morning, the style show officially began. 2 in the afternoon, the city’s first gas volleyball tournament. The venue, the Zhenjiang lottery’s old friends wish to embrace the health, beyond the self, to experience the joy and lottery lotto, Mobile Games color, top Gung scraping and super SMG season is very eye-catching banners. Outside the stadium, the Zhenjiang lottery Leshan volunteer service team to provide free drinking water, for the presence of the public security.相关的主题文章: