Mahindra Cars In India-ca1835

Automobiles Since its inception in 1945, M&M has been serving the automotive needs of its Indian customers. M&M earlier stood for Mahindra and Mohammed. This name later got changed to Mahindra and Mahindra after India won independence and Pakistan became a separate nation. Mohammed moved to Pakistan and became the Finance Minister of the new nation while Mahindra managed the companys empire in India. It was in 1948 that the companys name got changed to Mahindra and Mahindra from Mahindra and Mohammed. In the beginning, Mahindra was known only for its commercial vehicles. But gradually, the car maker started operations in the passenger car segment as well. Lets have a look at the Mahindra new cars in India. Forming a joint venture with the Indian car Maker Mahindra, French automotive major Renault brought in the Mahindra Logan car. The car seems to be just perfect for the Indian roads. It has a relatively high ground clearance which lets it slide through quite easily on the humpy bumpy roads in India. This new car from Mahindras stable is spacious too with enough space to accommodate the entire Indian family. Also, the Logan has become very popular as a taxi or a passenger carrier in India. With enough boot space, this made-for-India car is ideal for airport transfers too. Recently, the global leader in electric car manufacture joined Mahindra. Mahindra, an Indian based automotive giant joined hands with the Bangalore (in India) based Reva after buying majority stakes of 55.2 per cent in the electric car company. The famous electric car, Reva, is now known as the Mahindra Reva car. The joint venture will help Mahindra strengthen its position in the low-emission electric car market. Mahindra also looks at expanding its green footprints in India with the help of Reva and India will thus see more green cars coming in from the joint venture. Apart from the Logan and the Reva, Mahindra also has a strong foothold on Indias SUV segment. It has the Mahindra Bolero car which has captured the hearts of Indian off-road car enthusiasts. It is one of the best fuel-economic cars in India. With its macho looks, this Mahindra new car in India has easily found a place in the Indian hearts as well. Next, Mahindra has also introduced the Scorpio. This car again, like the Bolero, has been a leader in the SUV segment. But, the cars sophisticated looks redefine the expectations for the design of SUVs. This car is a true wonder. After tasting success on Indian soil for so long, Mahindra also has plans of launching the Mahindra Ingenio. This car will be brought in to pose as a rival to the Toyota Innova and the Chevrolet Tavera. The launch has been postponed for now, but may enter India any time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: