Mainland Olympic elite delegation arrived in Hongkong for 3 days to visit and perform

The mainland elite Olympic delegation arrived in Hongkong to start the 3 day visit and show the news agency of the new network in August 27 Hongkong Xinhua (reporter Li Zhuolong) Zhengchen unwashed, fatigue disappeared, the Brazil Olympic Games in Rio Olympic elite mainland delegation of 27 arrived in Hongkong on the 3 day visit, the period will attend a series of activities. In addition to the sports demonstration, will debut shows, and into the community to visit the elderly, met with the Hongkong people and interaction. In the morning, hot weather in Hongkong, but no matter the enthusiasm of about 200 pupils. In the morning they change neatly on the sports clothing, to prepare for the Hong Kong International Airport in good out of a bandbox, delegation. Standing on the apron of the students, holding the flag, Bauhinia flag, waiting for the delegation aboard the plane landed. About 11:35 in the morning, the delegation of 64 people to take the plane landed at the airport, the pupils were filled with a smile on his face, standing next to the red carpet, waving flags, shouting "welcome, welcome". 15 minutes later, the head of the delegation, the State Sports General Administration Liu Peng took the lead out of the cabin. For the China Olympic delegation at the Rio Olympic Games won the first gold medal for shooting athletes Zhang Mengxue, is the first step out of the cabin on behalf of the athletes. Subsequently, the athletes wearing eye-catching Olympic uniforms, one by one step out of the cabin, in fine Fig. The same day, the Hongkong SAR Government Secretary Lin Zhengyuee, the Central Government Liaison Office Deputy Director Yang Jian, director of the government of the Home Affairs Bureau Liu Jianghua also arrived at the meeting. Student representatives came flowers to Liu Peng, and sent a wreath for the athletes. At the welcoming ceremony, Mrs Lam said that since the return of Hongkong, the end of each session of the Olympic Games, the central government will be the first time for the athletes to visit, let Hongkong people close to see their style, share their joy, and feel their mentality of hard training. Lin Zhengyuee pointed out that the mainland Olympic delegation elite fifth visit, highlighting the very countries support the SAR, also reflects the deep feelings between the two peoples. She said the delegation in the 3 day of the trip, each member will attend a series of activities, in addition to watch the table tennis and badminton and diving very high performances, but also into the community, visit the elderly, to the school to visit and exchange with the Hongkong athletes, "they will fight (delegation) the most of the opportunity to meet with the people of Hongkong, communication and interaction". Liu Peng said, "the Rio Olympic Games just ended, the mainland elite Olympic delegation come to Hong Kong, we just off the plane to Hongkong compatriots feel like fire and passion and affection, we are very touched, very excited." In the Rio Olympics, the Chinese sports delegation received a total of 26 gold, 18 silver and 26 bronze, the number of gold ranked in the top third. Liu Peng said at the Rio Olympics, China athletes tenacious struggle courageously, show the pursuit of excellence, advancing character in the game, but also show a high spirit, won the honor for the motherland and the people. These achievements, thanks to the country’s economic development, social progress, thanks to the people of the whole country and the community to help and support, but also can not do without相关的主题文章: