Men’s affair female friends open room 5 minutes husband came (Figure) (video)

The man aventure female friends open house 5 minutes "husband" to the (map) on the evening of 18, a Jingmen man Lu Duodao received information sent to a young female netizen, claimed to have no place to live. He went to the "emergency" fell into the other Xian rentiao is blackmail and impose exactions on trap. 18 evening 10 pm, city police detachment two brigade police Zhang Yong, Wang Tianli is leading the 6 auxiliary police patrol in the street. At this time, to pass the 110 command center alarm: someone near the Baiyun Avenue Cultural Palace of blackmail and impose exactions on a hotel door. The police arrived at the scene, saw two men and a woman and a middle-aged man pulled together. The police came to separate the two sides to control the situation. Alarm middle-aged man Lu told police that he suffered Xian rentiao is blackmail each other. In a way, he last met a Nvwang Hemou (19 years old), with both figures. 9 o’clock that night, he suddenly received a Hemou phone, the other said no place to live, very lonely, I hope he can accompany her to open a room for the. Then, he went to a hotel near the Cultural Palace opened a room. Two people into the room only 5 minutes, three young people will be called to open the door, claiming to be Hemou husband and cousin, asked him: "how to solve it?" To extort money, he. He ran out of the hotel to alarm, and stopped a taxi to leave, but was stopped. After the police investigation, three young (21 years old, one of them escaped before the police arrived) with a no blood relationship, not Hemou husband and cousin, they only know a friend. At the same time, Hemou admitted that he called each other. At present, the police suspected the three blackmail and impose exactions on the transfer to the Dongbao Public Security Bureau police station to escape the spring mouth, young liaomou, urge the police to surrender, the case is being further processed. (reporter Yang Kui) men and women meet friends to open the room to room after being sacked more than men

男子“艳遇”女网友 开房5分钟“老公”来了(图)18日晚,家住荆门掇刀的男子路某接到一名年轻女网友发来的信息,声称没地方住。他前往“救急”却落入对方“仙人跳”陷阱,被敲诈勒索。18日晚10时许,市巡警支队二大队民警张勇、王天利正带领6名辅警在街边巡逻。这时,110指挥中心传来警情:白云大道文化宫附近一宾馆门口有人敲诈勒索。民警到达现场,看到两男一女与另外一名中年男子拉扯在一起。民警上前将双方分开,控制住局势。报警的中年男子路某告诉民警,他是遭遇了“仙人跳”被对方敲诈。路某介绍,他于去年认识了一女网友何某(19岁),两人偶有联系。当晚9时许,他突然接到何某的电话,对方称没地方住,很寂寞,希望他能够陪她,给其开一间房。于是,他来到文化宫附近一宾馆开了一间房。可两人进房才5分钟,三名青年便将房门叫开,自称是何某的老公及表哥,问他:“这事怎么解决?”,对他勒索钱财。他借机跑出宾馆报警,并拦下一辆的士欲离开,但又被拦住。经民警调查,三名青年(均为21岁,其中一人在警察到来之前逃跑)与何某无任何血缘关系,并不是何某的老公及表哥,他们只是上网认识的朋友。同时,何某承认是自己打电话叫来对方。目前,民警将涉嫌敲诈勒索的三人移交至东宝公安分局泉口派出所,对于逃跑的青年廖某,警方督促其投案自首,案件正在进一步办理中。(记者 杨奎) 男子与女网友相约去开房 到房间后遭多名男子洗劫相关的主题文章: