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Arts-and-Entertainment As the end credits roll in Teen Patti we see A Film by Leena Yadav as if we have witnessed a masterpiece from the director which is not the case in reality. Yet again we see a film which takes its heart from a Hollywoodfilm, this time the movie is a 2008 movie called 21. The film is all about mathematics or if we wish to be particular its about probability. Ironically the director seems to be a novice in terms of probability as the chances of excelling this film are pretty low. The movie opens new gates of boredom to a viewer and lacks substance as incoherence and slow pace looms throughout the film. The director seems to be in two minds as she borrows the script from Hollywoodbut fails to implement it .pletely as the protagonist happens to be Amitabh Bachchan who cannot be portrayed in a negative shade. So we see the conscience taking over the evil things for Amitabh Bachchans character which signals doom for the film in its initial stages itself. The film is about a teacher called Venkat Subramaniam played by Amitabh Bachchan who is a professor in mathematics (often termed lunatic by colleagues). He has cracked a theory in probability and is out there in casinos to prove it with his students and a fellow teacher called Shantanu (played by R Madhvan). Initially they begin with small dens but end up at big private parties and are raking in crores. All this seems funny while writing and at the time of watching. The film works on least amount of logic and seems to be obsessed with Amitabh Bachchan and Sir Ben Kingsley; otherwise they would have thought of writing a good script and story to carry the film. There is gambling going around in a college of repute and no one seems to take a notice. There is a serious issue of money and danger which director tries to raise with the film, but the story supports the cause no where in the film. There is absolute fantasy going around in the college and no one is spared from the hands of director. We see a couple from college claiming themselves to be Bonnie and Clydeand a professor is seen going to parties with a Blonde and she says Biscottino to him. These scenes while trying to portray the declining values offer nothing and are plain .ic in essence. The guest appearances remain guest to us and do spare us from the horror. The talent of Amitabh Bachchan is wasted and the film stretches like a bubble gum and it is the end that gives maximum relief to the viewer. There are quite a lot of The film can be best enjoyed in trailers as there is nothing new or concrete in the film. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: